Forty-Two Classic Weed Strains for Celebrating 4/20

It's 4:20 at least two times per day, and once per year in a very big way.
It's 4:20 at least two times per day, and once per year in a very big way. Scott Lentz
Whether it's April 20 or 4:20 p.m., there's always a 4/20 close at hand.  But it wasn't always so easy to freely celebrate this cannabis tradition...and in some states, it still isn't.

A lot of work was needed to legalize recreational cannabis in Colorado, following early efforts to legitimize medical marijuana. If you want to burn one on 4/20 or at 4:20 in honor of these pot pioneers, here are 42 classic strains, with a few specific varieties named after cannabis activists.


Jack Herer

Sour Diesel

NYC Diesel

Super Lemon Haze

UK Cheese


San Fernando Valley OG Kush

click to enlarge UK Cheese - HERBERT FUEGO
UK Cheese
Herbert Fuego
Bubba Kush

Strawberry Cough


LA Confidential


Lemon Skunk


Durban Poison


Amnesia Haze

Colombian Gold

click to enlarge Amnesia Haze - HERBERT FUEGO
Amnesia Haze
Herbert Fuego

Vanilla Kush

OG Kush

Cherry Pie


Banana Kush

Charlotte's Web

Skunk #1

Bruce Banner

Alaskan Thunder Fuck


Hindu Kush

Northern Lights

click to enlarge Purple Kush - HERBERT FUEGO
Purple Kush
Herbert Fuego
Tahoe OG

Jenny Kush


Purple Kush

Granddaddy Purple

Grape Ape

Medocino Purps

Purple Haze


Orange Kush
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