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Why Colorado Tokers Love Concord Crush

Concord Crush hits like a tidal wave, but the high ends up more soothing than debilitating.
Concord Crush hits like a tidal wave, but the high ends up more soothing than debilitating. Herbert Fuego
What do a youth lacrosse team, Revolutionary War history and an underrated weed strain have in common?

Concord, Massachusetts, was the site of an early Revolutionary War battle, while Concord, New Hampshire, is that state's capital — and home of the Concord Crush, one of the cutest kindergarten lacrosse programs on social media. But I doubt that parents of Concord Crush players would be happy to know that sandwiched on Google between their official website and Facebook page sits the Leafly page of another Concord Crush, one that smells very different (and somehow similar) to Billy's dirty cleats.

A mix of Sundae Driver and a rumored Purple Punch-Sherbet hybrid, Concord Crush (no relation to Concord Kush) is more Concord than crush, pumping out approachable smells of grape must for one of the more feel-good highs I've had in a long time. The strain was also born and raised in Colorado, bred by Cannarado Genetics and currently grown by two reputable cultivations in Colorado — Cuban Crew and Snaxland. This is the type of local talent that shouldn't just be supported, it should be celebrated.

Trying Concord Crush for the first time is sort of like experiencing a Michael Mann movie or J. Cole album. You know it's good, but you also know it gets better with age as you learn more about it. Concord Crush's understated but delicious smells of grapes, cinnamon and wood hit me as if I'd just walked into a cigar shop, only I was expecting the fruit section of a grocery store, not Malbecs and Davidoffs. I loved the surprise, and slowly dissecting the strain's intricacies only added to the fun.

Most dispensaries label Concord Crush as a nighttime or relaxation strain, and they're not wrong. But my mind remains completely in tune after smoking it, and while my limbs are warm and comfortable, they're hardly useless. Would I go on a hike after I smoke it? No. Would I light up a joint of it at the park with a sub sandwich and a good book? You bet your ass I would, and have. Hell, it'd even make your nephew's lacrosse game bearable, as long as you remember that the post-game snacks aren't for you.

Concord Crush has been spotted at Diego Pellicer, Eclipse Cannabis, Igadi, KrystaLeaves, Makena Wellness, Magnolia Road, Mighty Tree, Rocky Road and Verde Natural, but more stores are likely carrying the strain.

Looks: Light green with dark spots of purple, Concord Crush generally carries thick, sugary leaves that can tread the line between your pipe and the trash can, while short, sticky trichomes give the strain's buds more of an oily sheen than a glow.

Smell: Intensely sweet with creamy, zesty and musty characteristics to balance it out, Concord Crush's aroma brings clear notes of grapes, cinnamon and brown sugar, with a funky punch at the end and even lingering hints of wood. It's not the type of pungent smell that fills the room, but it'll open your eyes all the same.

Flavor: Concord Crush isn't as complex on the tongue as it is on the nose, mostly tasting like a calmer Grape Ape with quiet notes of Kush and a creamy back end. Very enjoyable, but not quite to the level of the cigar-like smell I hoped for.

Effects: Concord Crush's high hits the body more than the brain, but the mental stimulation is still there, just from an angle of curiosity and context. Start a new book or go down an Internet wormhole; even online shopping for shit you need but don't want is better on it — and, best of all, you need to worry about stoned mistakes. Keep Concord Crush around for 6 to 9 p.m. for the loose joints, but be wary of the mental stimulation any later than that.

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