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Why Colorado Tokers Love Conspiracy Kush

Conspiracy Kush's forecast usually calls for thick brain fog.
Conspiracy Kush's forecast usually calls for thick brain fog. Herbert Fuego
The stoner conspiracy theorist is an easy archetype to imagine. That longhair who says "man" a lot during weakly connected rants about the media, the federal government and something that happened in the ’70s is easy to conjure because there's a little pothead conspiracy theorist in all of us. Weed-influenced rabbit holes are common pitfalls for any level of consumer, and that's when conspiracies pounce.

Government assassinations, Russian lake monsters, the 1985 NBA draft lottery. Whatever hidden plot gets you off at night, a toke makes it that much more interesting and easy to get lost in. Keeping this in mind, a purple, frosty strain called Conspiracy Kush sounded like perfect priming for a Wikipedia or Reddit plunge, but I clearly didn't do my research before buying it the first time.

Conspiracy Kush wasn't a strain made to breed crackpot theories, and I was kind of stupid for thinking it would be. An Obama Kush lineage is probably more responsible for the name here (clearly, this was bred before the latest presidential election), though a Space Queen influence could be just as likely, depending on your views about the moon landing and acid trips with Stanley Kubrick. Either way, that genetic combination is not built for stoned, morbid curiosity.

Obama Kush is a hybrid of Afghani and OG Kush, two physically relaxing strains that traditionally put users into the couch. Space Queen is known for an intense cerebral high, taking our brains to Mount Everest only to let them splat on the ground like a cartoon tomato. Space Queen is one of the more notorious strains for paranoid side effects, and mixing that with a relaxing strain is just as likely to blow as it is to work out. In this case, it didn't work out any form of coherent thinking. However, Conspiracy Kush still had some practicality.

I don't mind a good face melt every now and then, but intense brain fog has never been my favorite high. Although Conspiracy Kush was relatively free of paranoia or anxiety, my thoughts could never settle until I slept the effects off, and the mental impotence was compounded by mounting physical sedation. I could see this being useful for nights when sleep is hard to come by or I'm desperate to kill stress, but the high was too debilitating. My head never settled enough to read more than a paragraph or two, let alone consume enough info to allow myself to wonder if Babe Ruth might have actually been Black. If anything, that's a conspiracy killer.

Looks: Conspiracy Kush's buds are dense, wintergreen and covered in sharp, milky trichomes, giving off a clear indica look. I've seen a lot of bright purple in various cuts of Conspiracy Kush, as well.

Smell: Like sweetened cough syrup with a skunky finish, Conspiracy Kush carries notes of oranges and grape flavoring with a layer of mint or menthol, followed by a zesty finish that borders on peppery. Those skunky and fruity qualities can mix together for a cheese-like funk, which makes that grape punch even more pleasant.

Flavor: More skunky and subtle than the smell implies, Conspiracy Kush's flavor is like an earthy OG with light berry notes and a zesty finish — and, if you're lucky, a sour-orange aftertaste.

Effects: Conspiracy Kush's high was true to the pedigree, starting out with intense cerebral effects that made focusing extremely hard, followed by an energy-sucking comedown that made me want to stretch every thirty seconds. Hardly productive, but effective.

Where to find it: Conspiracy Kush has been spotted recently at Frosted Leaf, Good Chemistry, Kind Love, Mile High Green Cross, Nature's Herbs and Wellness, Nature's Medicine, Oasis Cannabis Superstores and OG Medicinals. Conspiracy, an uplifting hybrid of Tangerine Haze and T.R.U.T.H. from 14er and often extracted by Green Dot Labs, is a different and unrelated strain.

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