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Why Colorado Tokers Love Dragon Fruit

Smoke Dragon Fruit, breath fire.
Smoke Dragon Fruit, breath fire. Herbert Fuego
Ever heard of Brainerd, Minnesota? Before a weekend trip there this summer, I sure hadn't. The place is like Cancún for sweet Midwestern people, full of beautiful golf courses, never-ending lake bars and free chasers of beer with your Bloody Mary. It's paradise for your average kind of white guy, save for the constant onslaught on my throat after three nights of no sleep and extended hash pen use.

Upon my return to the safe, comfortable weed bubble of Colorado, I needed the immediate relief of smoking, but something that could be tasted and felt in one go. Dragon Fruit was an easy choice. The mix of Oldsong's Silver Haze and Snow Lotus is a true 50/50 hybrid, keeping my body loosey-goosey and my brain comfortable and in control. Dragon Fruit also tastes like I bought a bag of weed from a Jamba Juice employee, with the smell and flavor both oozing fruit. Problem is, finding Dragon Fruit flower isn't easy.

If Dragon Fruit yielded more or looked better, it might get the attention it deserves, but the strain is somewhat of an ugly duckling. Loose, long buds with heavy purple fan leaves and average trichome coverage (at best) aren't going to wow shoppers in today's market. If we had to shop blindfolded, though, Dragon Fruit would be a hot item. The potent smell — a mixture of citrus, tropical fruit and mandarin orange syrup scents — would make you think concentrated fruit juice was poured into a weed jar, and the smoke is surprisingly close to that mark.

Dragon Fruit has been spotted at Altitude, Boulder Wellness, Buddy Boy, EverBloom, Herbal Wellness, High Level Health, Kaya Cannabis, Local Product of Colorado, Lova, Mana Supply Co., Rocky Road, Silver Stem, Star Buds and Verde Natural. Most of the Dragon Fruit currently available in Denver comes in the form of pen cartridges — in fact, High Level Health is the only place we've found selling Dragon Fruit flower — which isn't ideal. But at least Green Dot's live resin cartridges are one of the options, and we know Green Dot never skimps on the terpenes. High Level Health's cut, though fluffy and loose, hits all the flavor notes.

Looks: Although the buds carry a dark-green color and consistently sport purple fan leaves, their structure is long, slender and fluffy, much like Silver Haze. Dragon Fruit plants tend to stay short, but don't let that stop you from topping it in the grow.

Smell: Real dragon fruit has no scent, but the strain smells like a mix of grapefruits and mandarin oranges, with a light, skunky blanket and subtle earthy notes hanging around. The "weed" scents are surprisingly light, though.

Flavor: Dragon Fruit's smoke is more skunky and hashy than the smell, which sets up near-impossible expectations for the strain's flavor. That being said, the flavor isn't disappointing, with sweet and sour notes of kiwis and tangerines complementing the more resinous aspects.

Effects: My sessions with Dragon Fruit invariably lead to a burst of curiosity and jubilation that lasts for about 45 minutes (always less than an hour) and a longer feeling in my body, which stays relaxed through the high. The waning mental effects bring me down more than the body high, but I've been able to fight through it if I don't over-smoke or overeat when the munchies come — and the munchies always come with Dragon Fruit.

Commercial grower's take: "The plant doesn't stretch like the buds do. It sort of stays close to the ground. Colorado's a good climate for Dragon Fruit, though, because it likes that dry air. I've seen it rot easier than you think it would, given its fluffy bugs, and it's not a huge yielder. I'm kind of surprised Dragon Fruit is making it around, but it probably tastes great as a live resin."

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