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Why Colorado Tokers Love Georgia Pie

Georgia Pie's effects have stamina, even if you don't.
Georgia Pie's effects have stamina, even if you don't. Herbert Fuego
Coloradans are in love with Georgia Pie.

This pie isn't filled with peaches — we have our own in Palisade — nor does it come with a flaky crust. Actually, Georgia Pie isn't even from Georgia. It's a hard-hitting cannabis strain from California.

Bred by Seed Junky Genetics and popularized by Cookies, Georgia Pie brings beauty and brawn, but it's not the type of strain to push you down and hold you there. Instead, Georgia Pie's potency is much friendlier, beating you up like a playful big brother instead of a bully. You'll end up with an accidental bruise, but you'll be stronger for it.

Anything more than small, metered hits of Georgia Pie will make anyone unsuitable for public appearances, from rookies to seasoned chimneys. After a joint of Georgia Pie, I can't string six words together, my internal compass won't stop spinning, and there's not enough water in the world to cure my dry mouth. Kept for after-work sessions or nights spent at home, though, this is a magical blend of stress relief and ecstasy.

The term "one-hitter" usually applies to a strain's ability to make us cough, but Georgia Pie fits it better than 99.9 percent of the cannabis I've tried. I often find myself feeling as if the session has just ended, only to see a clock and learn that I smoked Georgia Pie hours ago. This isn't a droopy-eyed marathon high, either, but a happily burnt state of mind. Such sustained bliss can make almost anything entertaining, but whatever Georgia Pie gives in stupid grins, it takes away in critical thinking. Keep it around for when the kids are in bed or when a break from the real world is in order.

Looks: Like an old cut of OG Kush on steroids, the color of Georgia Pie's buds ranges from mossy to wintergreen, with small amber trichomes adding a darker shade. The nugs are usually dense and on the sticky side regardless of moisture, with minimal pistil coverage.

Smell: Georgia Peach is hyped as smelling like a peach cobbler, and there certainly is a lot of fruit in the aroma. However, I smell something closer to a peach pit — fruity, sweet and acidic, but more nutty and yeasty at its core. Those sharp, mouthwatering peach notes play a background role, with the earthy, doughy characteristics taking the front seat.

Flavor: Georgia Pie's smoke brought more fruit flavors than expected, with notes of pine and dough following behind and a skunky, nutty aftertaste. However, the live resin and rosin carries much sweeter, juicier flavors, showcasing that resinous peachy reputation.

Effects: It won't put you down immediately, but don't smoke Georgia Pie unless you're planted for the day. The effects are strong out of the gate, melting the face and loosening the body. Low tolerances quickly fade, but regular users will enjoy Georgia Pie's stamina, which stays strong past two hours with limited grogginess. Wit and words are hard to come by, however, and the comedown is certain.

Where to find it: We've seen Georgia Pie at A Cut Above, Colorado Harvest Company, Cookies, Denver Dispensary, Denver Kush Club, Everbloom, Green Dragon, the Healing Tree, Horizon Cannabis, Lakeshore Cannabis, Level, Lightshade, the Lodge, Lova, Medicine Man, Native Roots, Nature's Herbs and Wellness, Nature's Kiss, Silver Stem Fine Cannabis, Simply Pure, Solace Meds, Spark Dispensary and Unity Road, but more stores probably carry it.

Several popular wholesale growers have taken on Georgia Pie, including Bubba Kush, Cookies, SKL Holdings, Snaxland and Veritas. Bubba Kush's cut hits like a dab and smells like weed plants growing in a peach orchard, and should be purchased immediately if you ever come across it. Olio's live sugar showcases those flavors even further. Our suggestion: Make the Pie à la mode and top the flower with the resin.

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