Ask a Stoner: Strains for a Night Inside

Ask a Stoner: Strains for a Night Inside (2)
Dear Stoner: I’m a night smoker. With days getting shorter and winter coming up, are there any strains that are good for warmth and relaxation?

Dear Laurie: Try not to get caught in the lull of shorter periods of sunlight. Calling it quits by 5 p.m. every day and then smoking weed is a quick way to become anti-social and lazy with your free time.

With that lecture out of the way, let’s talk cozy weed. Some of my personal favorites for a warm night in are Tiger’s MilkBubba Kush’s friendlier child — and Ingrid, a fruity, cheesy child of the night from Good Chemistry. Both strains are dessert on the tastebuds, set up for a calm night by the fire.

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Jacqueline Collins
Frankenberry, a spooky, berry-flavored hybrid from the Herbal Cure, and Hazelnut Cream, a nutty, buttery dream from Verde Natural, take me back to adolescent fall mornings, and their euphoric effects last for hours. Vanilla Kush, Cookies and Cream, Holy Grail Kush and Lilac Diesel are other popular strains that serve you better indoors than out this time of year.

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