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Why Colorado Tokers Love Peach Crescendo

Are you really smoking the loudest if you’re not smoking Crescendo?
Are you really smoking the loudest if you’re not smoking Crescendo? Herbert Fuego
Peaches reach their peak ripeness from May to September. The sun-kissed fruits are a symbol of summertime, with some varieties — Palisade and Mackinaw, especially — pulling loyal followings that will clean out grocery stores from Denver to Manhattan. Hot weather and long days are made for peaches. And after blindly buying an eighth of something called Peach Crescendo from Higher Grade, I'm all for sentiment staying intact.

My experiences with peach-flavored cannabis are limited. I've yet to try Cookies' Georgia Pie strain, and if I've ever smoked Sour Peach or Peaches n' Cream, I was too stoned to remember. A chance to roast up Peach Crescendo on a hot day in June was just the chance I needed to see if those sweet, syrupy flavors would translate into a joint. And this time, I wouldn't forget.

Peach Crescendo is a cauldron of old and new cannabis lines. Ethos Genetics crossed the lineages of Chem D and I-95 with Mandarin Cookies and Peach Rings, creating a sweet-tasting version of Frankenstein's monster in the weed world. The strain's potency, and a high that leans on the body, give Peach Crescendo a nighttime designation for most users, but my mind remained stimulated for most of the high — though a heavy crash within three hours was virtually guaranteed any time I smoked more than a bowl.

Crossing so many strains and carrying a strong Chem influence usually gives me a cloudy head no matter which way the high leans, but Peach Crescendo left my mind relatively clear. That hardly means I was productive after smoking it, however. Each session left me enough energy to be an adult and clean up after myself, but simple tasks like walking six blocks to the park or dicing onions for dinner seemed monumental, and the munchies were never-ending. Peach Crescendo quickly exposed itself as a self-care strain for after the work was done, and not a soothing pick-me-up for in-between action. That's totally fine for a summer strain, especially when it's over 85 degrees at 10 p.m. — but make sure you hit the Crescendo at night, or you'll peak too early.

Peach Crescendo has been found at Allgreens, Buddy Boy, Callie's Cannabis Shoppe, Colorado Harvest Company, Cookies, Golden Meds, the Green Solution, Higher Grade, LivWell, Lova, Oasis Cannabis Superstores, Rocky Road, Silver Stem Fine Cannabis and Star Buds. The two or three versions I've tried around town all showcase the rich, pulpy smell of peaches or nectarines, but floral notes and hints of bubble gum and black pepper also stand out just as strong, and the peach notes were weak on my tastebuds.

Looks: Denser than they look, Peach Crescendo's buds are gnarled, long and misshapen, like a heavier version of Chemdog. Bright green, olive and violet are all common colors to see on Peach Crescendo, but expect strong trichome production on all cuts, even on the leaves.

Smell: Peach Crescendo smells a little more floral than peachy up front, but a sour, syrupy smell reminiscent of peach rings or ripe nectarines comes through mid-whiff, with tropical, soapy hints of passion fruit and a chalky sweetness rounding it out.

Flavor: Although peach characteristics are noticeable in Peach Crescendo's aroma, I've yet to experience a strong peach flavor when smoking the strain. The fruity sweetness tastes more tropical and subdued than a tart, juicy peach, with hints of lavender and a slight peppery taste at the end.

Effects: A clear and capable mind remained after every session of Peach Crescendo, but that mental alertness tricked me into taking a few too many hits more than once, leading to lethargy and about 8,000 more calories than my daily diet calls for. There's no escaping that relaxation, but tempered bouts of Peach Crescendo provided a smooth, euphoric drift from dusk to bedtime and melted away the aches from standing on my feet all day.

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