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Why Colorado Tokers Love T-1000

The T-1000, sent back from the future to keep you productive while stoned.
The T-1000, sent back from the future to keep you productive while stoned. Herbert Fuego
As much as everyone claims to miss Blockbuster, do you? Really? Do you miss paying more in late fees than for the rental itself? Do you miss driving to a store only to find that all the copies of a new release are gone — instead of sitting on your couch and picking whatever you want, whenever you want?

I can buy a movie on Amazon or Vudu today for less than it'd cost to rent one a few years ago; no way Blockbuster was selling me a Blu-ray of Terminator 2 for $5. I watch Terminator 2 at least twice a year, probably more. It used to be a fun watch. Now it prepares me for our upcoming revolution against Elon Musk and his robot samurai. Sure, global nuclear holocaust is scary and all, but that T-1000, man. A shapeshifting metal cop with a creepy glare and swords for hands. Even Arnold couldn't take it alone.

Coming across a weed strain dubbed T-1000 had me thinking I was in store for one of those hyper-potent hybrids, possibly sent here from the future by Elon to bake the resistance out of our brains. Nice try, Musky. I've taken on stronger strains than the T-1000 before, and after killing an eighth of this supposed Terminator in three days, I'm still around for more.

With Purple Urkle and Triangle Kush genetics, I was expecting a strong body high from the T-1000, but the strain's aroma was much more skunk, gas and soil than grape, pine or vanilla, though there were some sweet aspects to it. While the former flavor combination doesn't always mean an energetic head high, I'd be lying if I said my brain wasn't bracing for a bungee jump. Like most cannabis users, my mind really gets going with skunky and gassy strains, even if I know what direction they're taking me. However, T-1000's high was surprisingly easy to navigate, and much more of a shape-shifter than a terror. Bowls in the morning left me fully functioning, and joints in the evening helped me wind down after a long day.

The only place T-1000 didn't help was a Saturday hangover, backing up my initial prediction that I was in store for more of a head buzz than anything. You don't need to be a five-tool player to make the majors, though, and T-1000's caffeine-like high and relatively small comedown made the strain a good candidate for daytime use or pre-chore toking.

We've seen T-1000 flower at dispensaries carrying Bud Fox's cut, including Local Product of Colorado. Green Dot Labs sells live resin batches, with T-1000 incorporated into the mix with other strains like Bubblegum, Chemdog D and Girl Scout Cookies, but we haven't found it all by itself in concentrate form yet.

Looks: T-1000's breeder, Humboldt CSI, describes the strain as a 70 percent indica, and the buds' density bears that out. I've seen the color range from wintergreen to forest green, with blue and purple spots regularly popping up under a thick layer of trichomes.

Smell: Understated but layered, T-1000 packs in notes of fuel and dirt up front, with berries or grapes (usually berries) and a little vanilla lingering around. The sweeter smells take a back seat to the gas and Kush aspects, but are still strong enough to balance those out.

Flavor: Skunk and fuel flavors are strong from the gate, but the berry and vanilla notes make a stronger entrance than expected, with a lasting earthy aftertaste.

Effects: Hardly a killer, T-1000 is easygoing enough to use any time of day, save for a wake-and-bake if your tolerance is low. Although my stomach and body didn't relax as much as usual after smoking, the strain's mental effects were stimulating without taking me over the edge into anxiety or indecisiveness. It's a solid choice for the productive or active stoner, and a safe call for creative types, too.

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