Our Ten Best Stoner Questions of 2020

Our Ten Best Stoner Questions of 2020
This year has led more people than ever to buy and support legal marijuana, which in turn brought us a bevy of fun, weird Ask a Stoner questions by curious potheads. Some of these questions reflect the times, like asking about the risks of sharing joints during the pandemic, or how marijuana industry workers are treated during economic recessions. Others are more out of left field, such as inquiries about THC-infused bath products, or getting weed back from an Uber driver.

Here are our ten favorite Ask a Stoner questions of 2020:

Ask a Stoner: Why Not Tell the Cops My Joints Are Hemp?
Hemp's federal legalization in 2018 has led to confusion among local law enforcement agencies around the country, which struggle to differentiate hemp from THC-heavy marijuana. Believe it or not, some readers view this as an opportunity to smoke more weed in public.

Ask a Stoner: Do THC Bath Products Really Get You High?
Although not the most efficient method of consumption, cannabis bath products will eventually enter your bloodstream if the oils in the bath products are concentrated enough. These products are intended for self-care, but if used long enough and in large enough amounts, the high comes on gradually.

Ask a Stoner: Should COVID-19 Stop People From Smoking Together?
Coronavirus worries aside, it's always safe to smoke out of your own piece or clean shared smoking paraphernalia. Amid a pandemic, that rule is infinitely more important.

Ask a Stoner: How Does Weed Mix With Other Medications?
Research is limited, but scientists have figured out that marijuana is generally metabolized and eliminated by enzymes in the liver, known as cytochrome enzymes, which are responsible for metabolizing about half of all prescription drugs. This factor can inhibit or delay the effects of certain drugs when taken in conjunction with marijuana use, while other drugs can enhance the effects of THC.
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