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Why Colorado Tokers Love Lee Roy

Another famous Lee Roy from Colorado.
Another famous Lee Roy from Colorado. Herbert Fuego
I’ve always preferred smoking flower to concentrates, but I’m starting to miss the dumbfounded highs of my rookie year, when one bowl of chronic had me laughing at Good Burger and eating 24 Bagel Bites in minutes.
Now, even after a full joint, I’m usually still worrying if I was the person my boss was referring to in an irate e-mail about picking up the slack this quarter. That’s why I was pleased to find a new friend who gives me the carefree, Taco Bell-inspiring high of my youth. His name is Lee Roy, and he’s an indica.

A must-try for anyone who likes OGs, Rare Dankness’s Lee Roy is a cross of Triangle Kush, a heavy indica with Chemdawg origins, and Rare Dankness #2, a phenotype of the popular Rare Dankness #1, which carries Ghost OG, Chemdawg and Triangle Kush genetics. I won’t bore you with all the back-crossing inbreeding details, but the innovative process resulted in one of the Colorado breeder’s most potent hybrids.

Lee Roy’s gleaming trichomes and deep violet specks make its buds a delight to gaze upon, but like a colorful tree frog, this beauty will seriously fuck you up if not treated carefully. With a THC content flirting with nearly 30 percent, the high can debilitate even heavy smokers, which is exactly why I sought it out. Lee Roy’s high THC also makes it a popular choice for concentrates, specifically butane hash oil. Why BHO over others? Because it lets Lee Roy’s delicious blend of terpenes, which put a citrus spin on classic OG flavors, really shine. Lee Roy’s strong lemon-lime notes pair beautifully with its earthy, hashy kush tastes, and the subtle Haze-like spiciness on the end brings it all together for a full-bodied flavor.

Lee Roy’s potency makes it an intimidating toke and an expensive buy at the dispensary, but any faithful OG fan or medical patient with a high tolerance will appreciate its power. You can find Lee Roy throughout the state, but my favorite cuts are at Green Man Cannabis, House of Dankness, Kind Love and Trill Evolutions.

Looks: The color of Lee Roy’s chunky calyxes can be hard to pinpoint, thanks to an aggressive coat of trichomes that cover the buds in a sparkling white. Further inspection will find bright-green buds with various shades of amber and light purple, as well as rusty red pistils; they create a beautiful landscape.

Smell: Lee Roy starts off with heavy kush notes, smelling like damp soil and hints of hash. The kushy smells are quickly replaced by strong scents of lemon-lime, probably from Lee Roy’s Chemdawg background, and a subtle spiciness that you might miss unless you’re looking for it.

Flavor: No bait-and-switch here. Lee Roy tastes just like it smells, starting with a balanced mix of earthy kush flavors and a tart citrus burst.

Effects: Tokers enjoy Lee Roy for its instant and long-lasting high, which is mostly an indica meltdown. Although your mind moves faster on it than it would with other OGs, Lee Roy relaxes the body and puts stress to bed. Roast a bowl at night and order a pizza; this isn’t a pre-performance strain. Its medical benefits can help those suffering from stomach problems, attention disorders, chronic pain and eating disorders.

Commercial grower’s take: “Can’t help but tip your hat to Rare Dankness on this one. They have really raised the bar for wholesale growers in Colorado, and this is a great example of that. We’ve never grown it, but I’m familiar. Yields are pretty good considering its potency. Grows like a standard OG: strong, tall branches, dense bud structure and dank smells of mud, hash and lemons. I thought its Triangle Kush background would make it tough enough for outdoor grows, but I’ve heard she doesn’t do well outside. Probably not for beginners.”

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