Reader: Ozzy's Coming and Colorado Metal Blows Monkey Balls

Matthew Zinke
Westword hates metal and loves fluff pop like the Fray.

That's according to a reader who claims that new metal bands "blow monkey balls," after we announced that Ozzy Osbourne will be bringing his final tour to Denver this fall. Another reader suggested that we actually send a reporter who likes metal to the concert.

That led to a debate about the quality of Colorado metal bands — which we think are slaying it. Some readers, apparently, disagree. Here's how the conversation went.

Lx writes:
Are we gonna have to read another anti-metal review from Westword? Please send a "reporter" that actually likes the genre.

50 years into this musical genre and we still have to read opinions from someone who is basically repeating the same thing from 5 decades ago about how shallow and uninteresting this music is. They were wrong then and most old metal bands still out sell current bands because we actually play our instruments.
Ronnie weighs in:
Westword likes bands like the Fray, you know, safe, lame fluff pop. They've always propped up average music that makes people feel safe. But have you been out there lately? The few supposed metal bands blow monkey balls. Some of the shittiest vocalists in the world are in Colorado metal bands. And what you consider actually playing an instrument is to others, over-compressed, over-complicated nonsense mixed with triggered drums and weird groaning or growling from a dying animal.
Lx replies:
That's why I stated old metal bands, but you're correct there are always bands that suck. That's not Ozzy's career.
In reality, our team loves metal — especially when it's homegrown. And, yeah, we also love Ozzy. Here are three recent stories about local metal bands — some of which groan like dying animals — a sound that we, unlike Ronnie, embrace.
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