Patrick Rose, also known as Slouch.EXPAND
Patrick Rose, also known as Slouch.
Milo Lee

Denver Musician Slouch Premieres New Music Video for "Potions"

Artist Patrick Rose, aka Slouch, found himself walking through a blizzard in the middle of the Rocky Mountains in November, filming the music video for the song "Potions" — a track all about how love can lead to anguish.

"We just started shooting on the side of the road, and we didn't have a lot of daylight left, so we were trying to figure out how to do it," Rose says about making the video. "But it was freezing. Every five minutes, we're running back in the car to stay warm, because I had to wear this suit, and it was literally 10 degrees outside."

Coming back from finishing the video that was set near Mount Evans, Rose's car fishtailed into the trees, leaving him and director Matt Mooney temporarily stranded.

"We didn't think anyone would be coming on the road, but I remembered seeing one car up the road a little bit," Rose says, "Our options were: We were going to go see what that dude was up to, or hiking to somewhere we had [cell] service to call AAA. But luckily, the guy was still there. Here's some dude from Chicago hiking a fourteener in November. It's psycho, obviously."

Psycho or not, the man saved the artists. And the video, which came together after a few shots in the mountains, now has sentimental value to Rose.

See it for yourself below:

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