Denver's Top Ten White Elephant Gifts of 2020

See all of ARC Thrift's white elephant picks for 2020 below.EXPAND
See all of ARC Thrift's white elephant picks for 2020 below.
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Yes, we, like you, are sick and tired of hearing about how Christmas will be different this year because of COVID-19. After all, there are some traditions that can and should continue — like giving and receiving the strangest, funniest and/or most twisted white elephant gifts imaginable. And we've got you covered.

Every year since 2010, we've shared photos of Denver's best white elephant holiday gifts, as rounded up by the folks at Arc Thrift Stores.

And as usual, they've outdone themselves in spotlighting whimsical weirdness of the sort that will make you the hit of your socially distanced white elephant gift exchange, the person everyone else loves to hate, or both.

Arc operates 31 thrift stores and donation stations across Colorado, and while you might not be able to locate these specific items at its outlets, odds are good you'll track down something equally bizarre without emptying your wallet. And this year, that's more important than ever.

Count down the 2020 top ten, including several with a pandemic twist, complete with Arc's description of each entry.

10. Giant Fork & Spoon: Not sure why we have gained so much weight this year? The top tools of 2020.

9. Giant Beer Stein: Never enough beer for this year…. Happy holidays!

8. Party of One: COVID Christmas at home…. shots and pizza, anyone?

7. Dancing Hamster: This little beauty will sing you a love song about the moon hitting your eye like a big pizza pie. Cupid hamster…because why not?

6. COVID Projects: Recycle those candy wrappers for the perfect DIY project, a recycled purse.

5. Wooden Shoes? Tiptoe through the tulips in this one-of-a-kind pair of Dutch slippers perfect for the walk from your couch to the fridge.

4. Watering Can Purse: We have no words… it’s just weird and potentially the best white elephant gift you have ever received.

3. COVID Necklace: Utensils at the ready when it’s just too much work to get off the couch again.

2. Shark Stilettoes: You’re gonna need a bigger boat for these sharks! Extra points if you wear them while watching JAWS!

1. NAILED IT: Be the one who nails it this year, with the perfect white elephant gift.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.


Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.