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Marijuana Strain Review: BB2 at Lucy Sky

Much to the dismay of medical marijuana patients, Colorado Alternative Medicine closed a little more than a year ago after its owner got in trouble with the state Marijuana Enforcement Division for some forged documents. The dispensary’s potent, rare strains had made the cottage-style dispensary a regular stop for cannabis connoisseurs over the years, but both stoners and time slowly forgot the stank that regularly wafted from 2394 South Broadway — until the new kid showed up.

Lucy Sky, a dispensary that got its start in the Washington Park area, set up a second location in the former home of Colorado Alternative Medicine a few weeks ago. I always knew another pot shop would move in eventually, but finally seeing an “open” sign out front was like hearing about a reboot of your favorite canceled TV show: You’re excited to see the old gang again, but you know it won’t be the same. Walking in with CAM-level expectations for a different dispensary wasn’t fair, but I couldn’t help but feel giddy sitting in that familiar waiting room again.

The budtender-recommended Flo was way too stemmy for its $20/gram pre-tax price, and while the $15 Trainwreck smelled as potent and earthy as it should have, it was still well past my budget. Lucy Sky’s cheapest gram of the bunch, BB2, smelled stronger than any of the pricier options I looked at, so the decision was pretty easy. After paying $12 and change after tax for a frosty-looking gram, I drove home wondering what the hell BB2 was.

All my budtender had known about BB2 was that it had some Blueberry genetics, which was evident the second I sniffed it in the shop. Its fruity, sugary smells were rounded out with a subtle tartness that shot straight up the bridge of my nose, as if I was holding a handful of blueberries and raspberries in front of my face. Further inspection under a magnifying glass showed resin-glazed buds blanketed from top to bottom in mature trichomes. My first bowl after work tasted like a gas-station fruit pie — almost overly sweet, with some fruit flavor that you know isn’t fruit. And that’s not a dis: Who didn’t love eating that sort of junk food when their stomachs could still handle it?

Lucy Sky’s BB2 didn’t hit me too hard, instead providing a mellow high that lasted throughout the day without bringing me down for a nap. The sweet and sour smells, lack of a body melt and appetite-increasing effect all point to BB2 being a sativa-dominant strain, making it perfect for a daytime sesh. As the weather gets warmer and my hiking boots and basketball come out of the closet, I hope Lucy Sky still has this bargain gem in stock. The ghosts of CAM’s buds can now rest in peace.

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