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Photos: Ten hilariously unnecessary items from the 1950s

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If you thought Sharper Image invented the concept of marketing seemingly ingenious items no one would actually use in real life, think again. We stumbled upon an amazing 1950s-era catalog from a now-defunct mail-order biz called Sunset House that's absolutely overflowing with wonderfully unnecessary gadgets, doodads and more. We've chosen ten ads for products that have only gotten funnier with the passing decades. Count them down below. Number 10: Perfect hair -- that no one can see! You've spent hours cementing your hair in place: Firing it in a kiln couldn't have more effectively solidified your coiffure. But what if a hurricane, a tornado or some other natural disaster kicks up? What to do then? Tie it up in this fabulous Glamour-Wrap, which will keep every strand where it's supposed to be. Sure, you'll look no different than if you'd swaddled yourself straight out of the shower. But you'll feel more confident, because you'll know the difference! Number 9: Whack that ball in the eye! This ball is advertised as weakening your opposition, but it's just as likely to weaken your bowels -- unless, that is, the idea of hitting an eyeball with a piece of wood or metal gives you a secret thrill. In which case we have some therapists you should consider seeing.Page down to see more of our ten hilariously unnecessary items from the 1950s. Number 8: Block that nasty sun with something transparent Now, correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't the idea of a visor that it blocks the sun, rather than allowing it to shine in your eyes? Apparently, this notion didn't occur to the innovators behind the See-Through Visor. Although maybe I'm not giving enough credit to the much-ballyhooed "rigid shield of high quality plastic." Which gets me kinda hot just thinking about it. Number 7: Smells a lot worse than another dog's butt. Okay, let's get this straight, These "wicks" smell bad enough to keep your pooch away from your garden -- but they're recommended for use indoors? If only they came with nose-ready clothespins for humans in the vicinity.... Page down to see more of our ten hilariously unnecessary items from the 1950s. Number 6: A hair net for your hair net. Yes, you read right. This product was designed for women to put under their hair net. As if a hair net wasn't enough to, well, net their hair. Number 5: And it makes a lovely hat box, too. Could someone actually squeeze all those curlers (not to mention sprays, powders and the unseen brushes for which there's allegedly plenty of room) into this container? Maybe by stomping on them. Page down to see more of our ten hilariously unnecessary items from the 1950s. Number 4: Attention Austin Powers! No, this contraption isn't just a big heater. It uses the power of infra-redness! And don't worry about all the radiation it might give off. You probably have enough children already. Number 3: The can of shame. Imagine the horror of someone coming into your bathroom and discovering a can of Aqua Net on your counter -- especially one that only costs 98 cents. But never fear: You can put one of these aerosol cozies over it, so people will instead think you're hiding a secret huffing problem, instead. Page down to see more of our ten hilariously unnecessary items from the 1950s. Number 2: My bra strap's bigger than your bra strap. How do you make sure your bra strap doesn't show? But covering it with a larger strap for your bra. Duh! Number 1: Mouth guards for the dying. The problem with mouth-to-mouth resuscitation? Having to touch someone else's mouth! But no need to worry about that if you carry around this handy-dandy Resc-U-Tube. And given its oddly sexual shape and design (accentuated by the quasi-erotic expressions worn by the pair seen here), it could probably also pass muster as a marital aid. Pucker up and blow!

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.