Readers: If Someone Breaks Into Our House, We Will Shoot to Kill

On Monday night, a home invader was shot dead in Boulder.

According to police, the man tried to break into multiple residences before entering one. He's said to have shattered the glass screen door and attacked a resident, who responded by firing the fatal bullet.

Even before some of these details were made public, however, the vast majority of our commenters sprang to the defense of the resident and expressed solidarity with his decision to squeeze the trigger, often in passionate terms.

Here are five examples.

Robin Kucharski writes:

If you kick in my door whether you be friend or foe I WILL KILL YOU! No warning shots no me talking to you. Just a gun and a bullet with your name on it.

Cray Chi writes:

Um, that's why we have the law. You have no idea what a mere "burglar" might do to you or your family. But feel free to become a victim if you'd like.

Michael Lochead writes:

There really shouldn't be anything to a story beyond "an intruder." Somebody walks into your house with intent to do harm, you can only hope you are armed.

Barry Rogers writes:

If you feel threatened by an unknown home invader that breaks in uninvited, then you should have the right to defend yourself and loved ones with deadly force to stop the threat. No warning shots, just shoot until the intruder drops or turns and runs away, any means to end the threat to your well being in your own home, car, etc.

Zach Surinam writes:

Don't break into people's houses and you won't get shot. Sounds fair.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.