Ten Most Beautiful U.S. Neighborhoods, Including One in Denver

As you know, we love Denver and regularly celebrate the neighborhoods that make up the city.

Now, however, one of those neighborhoods has been singled out as among the ten most beautiful neighborhoods in the country.

Thrillist is the site behind the latest rankings.

Below, find the photo-illustrated top ten, supplemented by excerpts from Thrillist text.

Count them down below — and to see the original post, with much more information, click here.

Number 1: Beacon Hill in Boston, Massachusetts
Between the red brick sidewalks, the classic Georgian architecture, and the gaslights casting their amber glow down the narrow streets, this gorgeous colonial 'hood stands out from the rest of Beantown like a... well, like the most beautiful neighborhood in America. The row houses on Beacon Street overlook the fields of Boston Common (the oldest park in the country), and the whole neighborhood is equally beautiful in winter and summer....
Number 2: Central Park West Historic District in New York City, New York
New York's Upper West Side isn't a bastion of all that's cool in the Big Apple, but when you've got the kind of money to own real estate here, well, you don't have to care what other people find "cool." Old money is its own kinda cool....
Number 3: Bungalow Heaven in Pasadena, California
In case the name wasn't a dead giveaway, this 16-block Pasadena neighborhood contains approximately 800 bungalows and exemplifies the early 20th century's Arts & Crafts architectural movement....
Number 4: College Hill in Providence, Rhode Island
The College Hill section of Providence is a living timeline of architectural motifs: from the 18th century Georgian-style Old State House, to the 19th century Greek Revival Providence Athenaeum library, to the modern, boxy design of Brown University's Granoff Center for Creative Arts.

It sounds like a lot, because it is.

But that's a good thing....
Number 5: Garden District in New Orleans, Louisiana
NOLA's Garden District gets its name from the original design of the neighborhood, with each of its blocks holding only a few houses to allow for large gardens to surround each home...
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