Reader: No Subway on Your Best Sandwich List? Bull Crap!

Mark Antonation
The sandwich isn't just the handiest possible meal, but often the tastiest. Denver is studded with shops devoted to creating everything from hoagies to tortas to banh mi, and we just served up our twelve favorite sandwich shops. Readers were quick to add more of their own: Where was Beet Box? The Bagel Deli? And above all, Aikopops? Drew is just one of the fans of that place, and writes: 
Hey, Westword...the fact that Aikopops isn’t on the list and Snarfs is shows how y’all don’t actually go out to eat. You must just get your info from Yelp reviews. Hahahahaha.

Please tell me how many sandwich/popsicle shops roast their own turkey, top round, pork tenderloin, smoked salmon, etc. They also make tons of sauces, jams, aiolis, and more. I’ve been eating there for over five years and one thing that they still do is quality, consistency and flavor.
Jason had an omission, too, but also liked one on the list: 
Not technically a sandwich shop but still does really good sandwiches and honorable mention: Sputnik. But in any case, so glad to see City and Country on this list...and to be within walking distance.
Asks Andrew: 
What the heck? They left off Subway. Bull crap.
And then there's this from Rick: 
STACK Subs was voted Westword’s Readers' Choice Best Sandwich Shop last year and they didn’t make the list? Somethin’ ain’t right. 
The new Best of Denver issue comes out this week. In the meantime, keep reading for more coverage of sandwiches around town.

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