Dear Stoner: Will secondhand smoke show up in drug screenings?

Dear Stoner: I really love live reggae, but lately I'm afraid that I'll get high from all the smoke in the air. I work for the federal government and am subject to random drug screening at work. I'll get fired if THC is found in my system. Is it possible to get high from breathing the smoke in the air? Will I test positive on a drug test? The last two Tribal Seeds shows I attended in Denver were filled with people lighting up all around me, and I decided to leave. I really love reggae, but I like paying the bills, as well. Please help!

Not-So-Irie Mon

Dear Not-So-Irie: It sucks that Babylon is forcing you to forgo ganja — but as for your fears of secondhand smoke getting you busted, you probably don't have much to worry about. Lordamercy.


Ask a Stoner

Yes, technically you can test positive for marijuana from secondhand smoke. That much is true. But you would have to be in a small space with a lot of weed, and the test would have to be a very detailed (and expensive) one to find the minuscule amount left over in your system. Not only that, but the test would have to be administered within 48 hours, at most. Even then, it's still unlikely that someone else's sinsemilla would show up in your system. To put it in perspective: My brother-in-law has similar testing requirements at his bumbaclot job. We went camping, and on a Saturday night around the campfire, he said "Fuck it" and actually took two huge hits of a joint. He has shitty luck, and they actually did test him the next Monday — but he still passed.

If you're still concerned, try to avoid standing directly in front of someone blowing smoke at your head. But if it were me and my job, I would just enjoy myself and the concert. Of course, if it were me, I would be nice and Peter Tosh'd.

Dear Stoner: Will the new pot shops opening in January require a support badge for employment?


Dear JD: Yes, you'll need a badge much like you currently would to work in a state-registered medical marijuana facility. If for some reason the employer isn't requiring that of you, you're probably just working for a pot grower. If that's the case, make sure they're paying you in cash, and be sure to have an escape route planned if the cops show up.


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