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Should I Ditch the Pot Shop, and Go Underground?

Having options is good.
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Dear Stoner: I've had a hard time finding consistently good dispensary weed that isn't $300 an ounce. My neighbor just showed me his home grow, and the plants were impressive. Should I ditch the pot shop and buy underground?

Dear Amir: Hey, $300 an ounce for top-tier stuff isn't terrible if you never have to worry about the quality. Even the best commercial growers send out duds every once in a while, though. Underground growers do, too, but you might have more choice or sway with them, especially if you're friends. And if Mr. Neighbor is showing you his secret garden, then you guys must be friendly enough. Still, just because plants look nice as they're blooming doesn't mean they'll have the same aroma and bud structure when the pot reaches you.
click to enlarge Marijuana plants and buds hang over the ground inside of a grow
Smaller growing operations usually give more attention and care to individual plants.
Jacqueline Collins
Drying and curing play huge roles in the final product, and then there's all of the contaminant testing your neighbor isn't doing. Still, it doesn't take a botanist to realize that smaller operations usually give more attention and care to individual plants, and underground and hobby growers can grow some amazing stuff. Give your neighbor a test run, but don't walk away from the dispensary forever, either. Having options is good.

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