Reader: Focus on the Family Is the Opposite of Christ-Like

Reader: Focus on the Family Is the Opposite of Christ-Like

Vice President Mike Pence's wife and daughter recently visited Focus on the Family's headquarters in Colorado Springs to tout their book about the family's pet bunny, Marlon Bundo's Day in the Life of the Vice President, which was released on March 18. The Pence volume is definitely not to be confused with the book by John Oliver's comedy crew, Last Week Tonight With John Oliver Presents a Day in the Life of Marlon Bundo, which has far outsold the Pence version and whose sales support two LGBTQ causes.

Charlotte Pence even bought a copy of Oliver's Bundo book, which isn't the only surprise here. Says Gregory:

 I'm surprised that he allows them to appear in public with a male "chaperone." I didn't think he allowed his wife to appear in public without him.

Adds Mary: 

John Oliver's book is better. Also, focus on your own family. Obviously you people have some demons.

Comments Jason: 

Focus on the Family is WAY too near being just a straightup evangelical cult. They are about as Christ-like as the Westboro Baptist Church. Meaning: the opposite of Christ-like.

Responds Yaakov:

I generally find that there is a strong flavor of bigoted, anti-Christian sentiment in writing opposing Focus on the Family and other similar organizations.

And then there's this from Shannon, who apparently did not read our pieces: 

Who would advertise this shit? Westword, you should not be promoting Focus on Family. They are a second away from being a hate group and I won't be supporting Westword for promoting this event. Shame.

Keep reading for more on Marlon Bundo and Colorado Springs in general.

Reader: Focus on the Family Is the Opposite of Christ-Like
Focus on the Family

"Marlon Bundo Book Sales Multiplying Like Rabbits!"

Reader: Focus on the Family Is the Opposite of Christ-Like
Focus on the Family

"Focus on the Family Calls John Oliver "Vile" After Mike Pence Takedown"

Reader: Focus on the Family Is the Opposite of Christ-Like

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On his March 18 HBO show, Oliver took on the Veep, detailing his opposition to homosexuality and his support of Focus on the Family, which endorses conversion therapy, among other things. In fact, the comedian noted, the Pence family’s most (and possibly only) endearing aspect was that they have a rabbit named Marlon Bundo.

For a more family-friendly visit to Colorado Springs, why not visit the new Ent Center for the Arts? Michael Paglia recently reviewed that facility, which features stunning architecture and a good opening show focusing on Floyd Tunson. But even that piece attracted controversy. Says Gregory: 

Stop sending people to COS; we don't want your overflow trash here. We have enough trashy people already. They're called "the spouses."

What do you think of Focus on the Family? Colorado Springs in general? Post a comment or email editorial@westword.com.

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