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Why Colorado Tokers Love Banana Acai

Stay away from this fruit bowl until nighttime.
Stay away from this fruit bowl until nighttime. Herbert Fuego
Cold, gray weekend mornings in my house entail a curated mix of reading, coffee and weed. Pre-noon naps are easier to tolerate when nothing but snow slush and biting winds await outside, but I like to maintain some sense of productivity after a wake-and-bake session. Whether for finishing that book, working out or scrubbing months of toothpaste shrapnel off the bathroom mirror, I need steam left in the tank.

Acai bowls have too much sugar to set up my stomach for the day, but a strain named after the popular Brazilian fruit as well as another tropical treat seemed like a no-brainer for a morning toke, despite its murky genetics. After trying on Banana Acai (also known as Acai & Bananas) for size, though, I can confidently advise users to hold on to this strain until well after breakfast.

Connections to Acai Berry Gelato, Acai Mints and Banana Punch have all surfaced online, but breeder Black Farm Genetix holds Banana Acai's background close to the vest. Banana-forward strains like Banana Kush, Banana OG and Sour Banana Dubb could anchor an ocean liner full of stoners, however, and this mystery fruit bowl slowly revealed itself as a banana in berry clothing over the holiday break.

After three days of a 9 a.m. session with Banana Acai left me thinking I'd either overslept or didn't sleep enough, I finally accepted that all of my yawning was indeed induced by the weed. Reading and sustained concentration presented mountainous challenges, and even a fresh pot of coffee couldn't pull me out. Adding to unmet expectations were the strain's smell and taste, which contained no traces of acai.

After I got over my failed wake-and-bakes and anticipation of Brazilian flavor, however, Banana Acai proved to be a reliable sleepytime strain with an interesting terpene profile. Partnered with a hot shower, Banana Acai put me to sleep before I'd turned off the bedroom lights more than once. And the strain's flavor, a skunky banana daiquiri, is a rare find. Keep Banana Acai away from the lighter until 8 p.m. and you won't be disappointed.

Looks: Frosty and intimidating, Banana Acai reminds me of a more purple version of Kush Mints, with dark violet fan leaves and dense, barbed calyxes. While the buds are oblong and tall, they don't lack weight.

Smell: Heavy on the gas and pine, Banana Acai has funky banana notes on the back end that smell like Jamaican rum when mixed with that skunky influence. Although I noticed subtle hints of tropical fruit, smells of acai or berries were essentially nonexistent.

Flavor: Pine and funky flavors really shine through Banana Acai's smoke, giving it a very enjoyable rum vibe. A touch of overripe tropical fruit adds to the beachside flavor, which only makes those sedative effects more frustrating.

Effects: Banana Acai's ability to constantly make my limbs require stretching is second to none. My eyes, mind and body are relaxed immediately, and curling up under a blanket is my final destination every time. Stress, sore muscles and joints, and peripheral vision stood little chance after the second hit, as did my ability to stay awake. Despite strong physical effects, the munchies were surprisingly tame.

Where to find it: We've sniffed out Banana Acai at Complete Releaf, Denver Kush Club, the Herbal Center, Higher Grade, the Joint by Cannabis, Medicine Man, Nature's Kiss and Strawberry Fields so far, but more stores probably carry it.

Wholesale growers Malek's Premium Cannabis and Mesa Verde both have cuts of Banana Acai in stores, while the Herbal Center produces flower and extracted versions in-house. We haven't tried the Herbal Center's version yet, but the others both passed flavor and potency tests. If you're still able to find eighths of Malek's, though, the extra funk is worth the chase.

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