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Reader: The 420 Fest is Canceled? Good.

The annual 4/20 celebration includes plenty of non-sanctioned weed smoking.
The annual 4/20 celebration includes plenty of non-sanctioned weed smoking. Brandon Marshall
We weren't surprised when news dropped that the FlyHi 420 Festival scheduled for April 20 in Civic Center Park, part of an annual celebration for the unofficial cannabis holiday, was canceled because of coronavirus concerns. What we were surprised by was how many readers didn't care about the loss of the free festival and concert, which regularly attracts thousands of non-sanctioned weed smokers to the park.

But then, when cannabis consumers started gathering at that park on April 20 two decades ago, cannabis was not legal in Colorado. That changed first with medical marijuana, then voter approval of Amendment 64 in 2012, legalizing recreational marijuana. Given that, does Colorado still need a big 4/20 event?

Not according to Benny:
It’s getting dumb, anyway. It’s legal now.
Responds Jenn:
So is liquor, and we drink for St. Patrick's Day. Is that dumb? Leave us weed smokers alone.
John notes: 
This is good, 'cause someone is gonna be tripping, thinking every cough is a missile full of millions of coronavirus buddies.
Points out Kelley:
Cannabis is never canceled, unless your only plug is quarantined.
Concludes Shane:
The whole month is 4/20...
The cancelation of the 420 Fest isn't the only impact that coronavirus has had on Colorado's cannabis community. Just like grocery stores, dispensaries across Denver saw a spike in sales over the week, while the state's first marijuana delivery permit was issued to a medical dispensary in Boulder; pot-industry representatives are lobbying state and local governments to fast-track more delivery permits as self-isolation increases among Coloradans trying to flatten the coronavirus curve.

And the week concluded with Governor Jared Polis issuing orders that allow for curbside pick-up at dispensaries (which remain open for inside shopping), as well as the use of telemedicine for MMJ patients who need doctor approval for renewals/applications.
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