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Why Colorado Tokers Love Holy Grail Kush

Kneel before the Holy Grail.
Kneel before the Holy Grail. Herbert Fuego
Cannabis breeders love using names to hype their creations, but Holy Grail Kush (also known as Holy Grail OG and Holy Grail) almost pre-programs resentment. If God's Gift were called something else, it'd still be a weak strain, but at least I wouldn't have so much disdain. I'm not even religious, but just chill on the salesmanship.

Holy Grail Kush isn't a total fraud like God's Gift, though. The stiff nighttime strain exudes Big Kush Energy, packing thick hints of pine, citrus and Eastern spices on the way to sustained relaxation, munchies and pain relief for the majority of users. Having such a distinct purpose is valuable in the cannabis world, especially for occasional smokers who expect a bout of hungry-happy-sleepy when they light up on a random Saturday night. But is it really the Holy Grail of Kush? For some, it actually might be.

Mainstream culture would have us believe the Holy Grail of anything is the universal best, but the disintegrating Nazi in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade showed us that the Holy Grail could be more sturdy and unassuming. The take from DNA Genetics, breeder of Holy Grail Kush, is obviously the former, boasting heavy potency, yield and Kush characteristics along with an intimidating pedigree of Kosher Kush and OG Kush #18, a sour, calming OG phenotype. Toke wisely, or you might disintegrate, too.

Holy Grail Kush won the 2011 High Times Cannabis Cup back when that really meant something, and now carries a reputation for knockout power across the country. Regular users keep it locked in the cupboard for after hours and self-medication, like a more nurturing bottle of good whiskey. A sour, piney smoke with hints of lime, cardamom and peppercorns brings the flavor without being overtly sweet or skunky, and growers like the strain for an above-average yield and buds that are easy on the eyes. Afghani, Hindu, Bubba, OG and a few other timeless Kushes all have a more solid claim to the throne, but Holy Grail Kush grades out right there with them.

We've come across Holy Grail Kush at Buddy Boy, Den-Rec, Frosted Leaf, Kind Love, Kind Meds, LoDo Wellness Center, Lucy Sky, PotCo, Terrapin Care Station and Urban Dispensary as of late, but don't be surprised to find its holiness on other dispensary shelves around town. The Den-Rec and Kind Love takes are probably the best-tasting I've had in Denver, but LoDo's take is a smart choice for value, as well.

Looks: Holy Grail Kush's buds are traditionally dense and bulbous, and range from forest to bright green in color.

Smell: A cross between Kush and sour aromas, Holy Grail Kush has clear pine and citrus notes, with hints of orange zest, cardamom and a little extra spice on the tail end.

Flavor: Piney, citrus flavors are to be expected, but the tastes of Eastern spice and subtle vanilla are a welcome surprise to help balance such a dry, sour hit up front.

Effects: I'm relatively alert for thirty minutes or so after smoking Holy Grail Kush, but my physical energy is completely zapped. Once I inevitably bow to my juiced-up appetite, my mind slows down with the rest of my body, keeping me blissfuly immobile for several hours.

Home grower's take: "If you're a grower that goes after dense buds, don't, because its nugs are just naturally like that. Mine have gotten moldy before, and that kind of means something in super-dry Colorado. Nothing else too hard about growing it. Top [the plants], feed them and let the trichomes develop for nine, ten weeks, and you'll be good. I've grown from seed and gotten Holy Grail clones from Kind Love before. I prefer seeds overall, but Kind Love's were pretty good. A lighter shade of green with more citrus, probably, but very good."

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