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Why Colorado Tokers Love Key Lime Pie

Key Lime Pie is a tasty way to cool down on a hot night.
Key Lime Pie is a tasty way to cool down on a hot night. Herbert Fuego
At my birthday, wedding, retirement and funeral, give me pie. It's a hill I've planted a flag on as I sit atop my high horse that stands on a soapbox. Still, there's more to a hearty pie than varying mixes of sugar, eggs and flour: I want real-world flavor.

Key lime has always been at the top of my pie list. I've never had an authentic slice, because I've never been to Florida — but the creamy, sour filling and fluffy texture of even a fake piece create a delicious cool-down on a hot night. So my expectations were big when I came across the Key Lime Pie weed strain.

I was skeptical of the rush of pastry strains five years ago, and smoking something that barely replicated its namesake was common at that point. Key Lime Pie was and is one of the real ones, though. A phenotype of Girl Scout Cookies popular enough to make it alone, Key Lime Pie's flavor is much better than that of a LaCroix, and the high is a consistent nighttime treat. As the Gelatos and Wedding Cakes of the world get turned into studs and breeding partners, Key Lime Pie has been able to stick around. Burn a little after the sun goes down this summer, and you'll see why.

Looks: I've seen Key Lime Pie range from bright olive to a toxic nuclear green, with magenta and purple spots occasionally making appearances. The bud structure is denser and larger than average, and the resin likes to pop and swell, giving Key Lime Pie a vibrant, intimidating look.

Smell: There's more going on in Key Lime Pie's aroma than just sweet citrus, but it hits all of those notes, too. Sweet lime notes are followed by hints of cream and dank soil, with a spicy back end that smells like a sour stick of incense.

Flavor: In somewhat of a role reversal, Key Lime Pie's flavor starts out sour and earthy, with sweet and creamy notes playing backup. That creaminess tends to stick around after, usually with a small hint of spice.

Effects: I prefer my Key Lime Pie before my Key lime pie, in that it's a perfect toke after dinner but before dessert. The high goes to work quickly on my body and is more of a slow burn on the brain, but munchies are inevitable, even if I've just eaten. A puff and second round of nosh is a fantastic combination, however, setting me up for a smooth descent into dreamland after a couple of hours in front of the TV.

Where to find it: I've spotted slices of Key Lime Pie at 1136 Yuma, Alternative Medicine on Capitol Hill, Berkeley Dispensary, Best Colorado Cannabis, Callie's Cannabis Shoppe, Canna City, Cherry Peak, the Clinic, Cookies, DANK, Den-Rec, Doc's Apothecary, Emerald Fields, Ganja Gourmet, Golden Meds, the Herbal Center, High Level Health, High West Cannabis, Karmaceuticals, Kind Love, Life Flower Dispensary, Local Product of Colorado, Lowell Gardens, Magic City Cannabis, Oasis Cannabis Superstores, Silver Stem Fine Cannabis, Spark, Verde Natural and Xclusive Cannabis.

Although not as popular among growers as it was in 2018, Key Lime Pie is still holding down a few gardens, including the Bank, Doc's Apothecary, Magic City Cannabis and Verde Natural. Magic City's version is a fine buy at $30 to $35 if you get it while it's fresh, and the Bank's cut, sold at the Clinic, is also a solid representation. My favorite so far has come from Verde, however. The potency, tangy flavor and visual appeal are all at least an 8/10, and the high is a perfect 10 after 7 p.m.

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