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Why Colorado Tokers Love Larry OG

Larry OG is one of the friendliest strains you’ll find.
Larry OG is one of the friendliest strains you’ll find. Herbert Fuego
The list of famous Larrys is surprisingly long. We have Larry Bird, Larry David and, somewhere behind Larry King but in front of Larry the Cable Guy, there's Larry OG.

This Larry goes by a few other names, with Lemon Larry, Lemon Larry OG, Sour Larry and Zour Larry the main alternatives. But Larry OG is what stuck in Colorado, and what an OG Larry is. The Cali Connection creation smells and smokes like it belongs with every other acclaimed OG, but with a much lighter and flexible high compared to that of its OG counterparts, and a heavy squeeze of lemon.

A mix of OG Kush and San Fernando Valley OG, Larry OG won a High Times Colorado Cannabis Cup in 2014. The winning cultivator of the strain, MMJ America, hasn't been in business for a few years now, but as growers and dispensaries come and go, Larry OG remains just as potent and boisterous as ever. If only it were as popular.

Relatively low yields in the grow and extraction rooms have hurt the commercial appeal of OG strains, and the public doesn't demand their earthy, Kush-heavy flavors as much as it once did, either. Larry OG is too much of a classic to fully disappear from Denver, but it's becoming harder to find. If only more people knew about its effects — a balanced mix of energy or relaxation that rarely misses — then it might make a Travolta-like Pulp Fiction comeback.

All Larry OG needs is a little awareness. Give it a try, and after finishing laundry, cleaning the kitchen and clearing out your email inbox — with a cake-eating grin the whole time — you'll be telling people about your new friend Larry, too.

Looks: Larry OG likes to stretch and foxtail, and the buds are usually light. The sativa-like buds have a minty-green color, with a thick blanket of small, dusty trichomes and dark, rusty pistils. Maybe not the best for solventless extraction, but a fine smoke nonetheless.

Smell: Like Grandma's sunroom near the edge of the lawn or a brand-new container of tennis balls, Larry OG somehow smells fresh but musty at the same time. The up-and-down blend of pine and sharp lemon punch opens my eyes with vigor, but a subtle layer of earthy Kush brings me back down to earth.

Flavor: Larry OG tastes like a gin and tonic without the boozy kick, packing resinous, dry flavors of juniper and pine with a lemon-lime twist. Those earthy flavors stick to the tongue and cheeks long after the hit is done, flashing back to blunt sessions during OG's peak in the early 2010s.

Effects: Larry OG hits me in the head and behind the eyes immediately, but my brain's wheels never stop moving. Unless I take a few puffs too many (which happens occasionally), Larry OG enhances my wit instead of hurting it, giving me more motivation for phone calls, remedial work and even a walk outside. There's a slight comedown inside of three hours, but you'll be so productive that a rest is welcome.

Where to find it: 14er Holistics, Altitude, Bgood, Callie's Cannabis Shoppe, DANK, Doctors Orders, Golden Meds, the Herbal Center, the Lodge, Oasis Cannabis Superstores, OG Medicinals, Mana Supply Co., Malek's, Rocky Road, Silver Stem, Sticky Fingerz and Universal Herbs have all recently had Larry OG on the menu, though more stores likely carry it.

We've come across in-house Larry OG cuts from 14er, Callie's, DANK and OG Medicinals, while 14er, Callies, Greenstone Holdings, Malek's and OG Medicinals also grow wholesale Larry OG. 14er also produces Larry OG concentrate, as do El Sol Labs and Sano Gardens. Our favorites at the moment come from 14er and Malek's, and Sano Garden's live extracts are a fine representation, as well.

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