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Why Colorado Tokers Love Melon Juice

Melon Juice has more Diesel qualities than the name implies, but it’s enjoyable nonetheless.
Melon Juice has more Diesel qualities than the name implies, but it’s enjoyable nonetheless. Herbert Fuego
I took a fruit bowl to a World Cup watch party one morning, and much to my dismay, the melons were barely touched. After talking with friends, I came to find out that oranges and even bananas were preferred over hunks of cantaloupe and honeydew. I couldn't believe it. What happened to our appreciation of the humble melon? Get the right one, and you'll taste a deep-rooted sweetness that can't be found elsewhere.

Unlike my friends with terrible taste, cannabis breeders have always respected the melon. Magic Melon, Melon Bars, Melon Cake, Melon Madness, Melon Medley, Melon Runtz, Sour Melon, Sweet Melon, Wild Melon and one of my favorites, Cannalope Haze, are just some of the melon-tastic strains available in dispensaries right now. Coming across Melon Juice, a new addition to the melon lineup, after experiencing such blatant disrespect for the fruit group was like a sign from the weed gods. I just hoped the jar was properly ripe.

Melon Juice hasn't poured out all over Colorado yet, but it's slowly making a name for itself in Denver. A mix of Big Apple and Kush Mints BX, this nighttime-leaning hybrid has the reputation of a smokeable stress ball. Cherry, one of Colorado's more respected growers, has been pushing the strain of late, which only adds to its intrigue. I came away quite impressed with Melon Juice after spending a week with it, but the flavor profile was more rubbery than anticipated.

Heavy on the Diesel notes with melon flavors playing supporting roles, Melon Juice reminded me more of new tires than the produce section, but there's still enough white grape and honeydew in there to pass inspection — and even if the flavor didn't, the soothing and patient physical high is very welcome after a workout.

Looks: Although the calyxes can be dense, Melon Juice's buds tend to stretch either direction into a cone and oblong shapes. The bright-green color, contrasting with forest-green leaves, reminds me of Diesel strains, but there are occasional spots of violet, as well.

Smell: Tart, dry notes of Diesel cling to the sides of nostrils (and my clothes, probably), making it hard to notice other characteristics for a moment. Give the buds a pinch, though, and sweet hints of white grapes and ripe honeydew start pouring out.

Flavor: Gassy, rubbery flavors dominate Melon Juice's smoke, but hints of honeydew make appearances on the sides of my tongue and in the aftertaste. While that might not satisfy those looking for a heavy fruit strain, the sweet Diesel aspect is enjoyable for people who actually like the taste of weed.

Effects: I recommend keeping Melon Juice for the evening because of the high's relaxing effects, but it's not debilitating. My mind stays active and alert after smoking it despite noticeable stress relief, and motivation isn't completely zapped, either. The easy attitude pairs well with the physical feel-good, which makes for a perfect duo after exercising. My hunger was only slightly impacted after smoking Melon Juice, so keep this in rotation if you're on a diet.

Where to find it: Melon Juice is still rare in the Denver area. A Cut Above, Doctors Orders, Eclipse Cannabis, Green Valley Dispensary, High West Cannabis, Karing Kind and Social Cannabis have all recently carried it, but there's a good chance other stores selling Cherry strains have it, too. Cherry produces Melon Juice flower and rosin, while High West grows an in-house version, too. Prism, a pre-filled cartridge brand, also sells Melon Juice THC oil for vaping.

Cherry's cut is by far the easiest to find in Colorado right now. Although we welcome variety, Cherry's Melon Juice is a worthy representation, and smells like someone dropped a few pieces of honeydew into a new jar of tennis balls.

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