Reader: Popcorn Nugs Happen! Always Have.

You might pay more if you don't want popcorn buds.EXPAND
You might pay more if you don't want popcorn buds.
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Colorado had a record-breaking year for recreational cannabis sales, mom-and-pops continue to be bought up, the Colorado Legislature looked at social equity issues, we might finally get delivery in Denver — and what do people want to talk about? Popcorn nugs.

More to the point, whether popcorn nugs are a result of the pandemic, as one consumer recently suggested to our Stoner. And readers have plenty of thoughts about that, as they shared on the Westword Facebook page.

Says Jon:

I like popcorn nugs. Half the price and way less stems. All gets ground up, anyway.

Adds Victor:

From what they keep telling me, popcorn nugs hold more THC and are a bit stronger.

Wonders Michael:

Are stupid people a result of defunding education? Yes. Popcorn nugs happen, always have. Get em for $300 to $500 dollars per pound if you buy ten or twenty at a time in California or Oregon.

Responds Octavos:

No, Colorado has been pulling this small nugget shit ever since medical legalized. Gotta fit in the little bullshit jars, and they're probably running their colas at the extract lab. Dry ass popcorn nugget growing manufacturers...

Counters Adam:

Smaller nugs are better 'cause less weight lost in stems. But make sure my shit is dry before you sell me moist weed that’s gonna weigh 2/3s less in a few days....People act like they know weed....

Comments Kyle:

Dispensaries are just trash anymore, honestly. In all of Colorado, I can't find a single one I like supporting. Any recommendations are appreciated, but I'm losing hope. Fresh frozen hash is the only thing worth buying from a store these days. Nobody gives a shit about quality flower anymore.

Concludes Richard: 

Ask a Stoner, Yeah, right. Any stock tips, stoner dude?

While you'll still find normal nugs out there, our Stoner notes that you'll be paying a little more for them right now. Legal cannabis sales set the roof on fire in Colorado in 2020, breaking monthly records on their way to passing $2 billion for the first time in a calendar year. But all the demand led to some shortages...and higher prices. "Wholesale flower prices haven’t been this high in over four years, so dispensaries turn to popcorn buds — smaller buds with less potency — as a way to still sell flower at $20 an eighth," he says.

What do you think of popcorn buds? The state's cannabis scene in general? Post a comment or email your thoughts to marijuana@westword.com.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.


Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.