Why Colorado Tokers Love Strawberry OG

Strawberry OG's high lasts nearly as long as a real strawberry's shelf life.EXPAND
Strawberry OG's high lasts nearly as long as a real strawberry's shelf life.
Herbert Fuego
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Remember the wake-up call the first time you went grocery shopping alone? Not picking up eggs for Mom, but actually trying to feed yourself without the help of a real adult? The horror at discovering how expensive your favorite frozen pizza was, the shock at how many peanut butter and jelly options there were, the sad realization of seasonal produce availability.... Suddenly my grandma's coupon envelope made more sense.

I'd assumed fruits and vegetables were always there for us, and cheap, but the $6 carton of February strawberries and their twelve-hour shelf life was a rude awakening to independence. Over a decade later, smelling a $30 eighth of Strawberry OG on a Wednesday afternoon felt like the flip-side of that autonomy. Never taking for granted the freedoms of adulthood (or Colorado), I couldn't help but smile as fumes of tires, strawberries and Altoids splashed across my face when I took a chance on the strain, a hybrid of Bruce Banner #3 and SFV OG.

Conjuring memories of blunts rolled with strawberry-flavored Swisher Sweets and Phillies — half of which were smoked in rebellion and thrown away at the slightest hint of being caught — Strawberry OG's smell encapsulated some of my formative toking years in a way I hadn't previously experienced. Most of the strawberry-leaning strains I'd had were either sickly-sweet or balanced with Diesel characteristics. Strawberry OG, however, carried fresh kicks of mint and pine on top of those fruity notes, as if I were pairing a skunky joint of chronic with a strawberry mojito. (There is a different strain called OG Strawberry, a mix of OG Kush and Island Strawberry Afghani Indica, which I haven't tried.)

Such a fresh, interesting combination was like discovering a new drink at happy hour, and I worried the high would play out similarly: fun and fast-paced at first, then spiraling downward into a headache and $30 Uber Eats delivery before a 9 o'clock bedtime. But I was pleasantly surprised with the clarity and creativity Strawberry OG left me, even after several heavy doses that melted my limbs. If that's not the best way to enjoy strawberries in the winter, I don't know what is.

We've found Strawberry OG at Apothecary Farms, Good Chemistry, Kaya Cannabis and Terrapin Care Station. So far, the best bang for my buck has been from Good Chemistry, which runs a little under $35 an eighth. If you're more of a dabber, look no further than the extracted version at Apothecary Farms, which goes by "Strawberry Banner."

Looks: Relatively wide, the cuts of Strawberry OG I've seen look similar to Bruce Banner: Round, dense and bright green, as if grown in the basement of a nuclear power plant.

Smell: Strawberry OG plays the balancing act very well, pushing out sweet hints of berries and sour notes with a dirty, minty finish that smells like a joint of OG Kush placed next to a strawberry mojito.

Flavor: Fruit and mint notes aren't as apparent when smoking Strawberry OG, with heavier hints of pine and rubber. The subtle strawberry flavor plays a good back-seat driver, though, never becoming strong enough to take over, but still present enough to provide balance and aftertaste.

Effects: It'd be hard to work out after smoking Strawberry OG, but the physical effects weren't totally debilitating — although my eyes did get droopier than normal — and my mental state felt fine throughout, even slightly more creative at times. The hybrid high is a good choice for indoor activities as the weather gets colder, aware enough for puzzles and board games, but content with staying in the same place.

Home grower's take: "I've seen seeds of it available from the Cali Connection, and they're a pretty reputable breeder. Haven't grown it, but I'm very familiar with Bruce Banner, and I hear the two are close. Based on the flavor and high, I'd say it's worth the longer flowering time."

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.


Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.