Ask a Stoner: How to Use Every Part of the Plant

Ask a Stoner: How to Use Every Part of the Plant
Dear Stoner: How can I use all of my cannabis plant after harvest? I'm new to growing and don't want to waste anything.

Dear Root: Outside of your main buds, you can use popcorn buds, sugar (trim) leaves, fan leaves, stems and even roots for recreational and medical purposes as well as sustainability efforts. Popcorn buds and sugar leaves are prime material for hash extraction and cooking-oil infusion, or sifting for kief at the very least. Stems and stalks can produce mulch, pet bedding, paper, particleboard and more if the stems and stalks are ground fine enough — but that's a big if, and you'll have to collect a decent amount of stalks, considering your small grow.

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Jacqueline Collins
Although they're not very rich in active cannabinoids and won't get you high, fan leaves can be juiced or brewed into teas for their detoxifying and anti-inflammatory effects from inactive cannabinoids and vitamins. Roots won't get you high, either, but according to a peer-reviewed study from 2017, they’ve been brewed into tea to treat inflammation, joint pain, gout and related conditions.

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