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Why Colorado Tokers Love White Truffle

White Truffle doesn't care about your goals for the day. This one's for hedonists.
White Truffle doesn't care about your goals for the day. This one's for hedonists. Herbert Fuego
We've seen luxurious dishes, hot sauce and Nicolas Cage movies all enhanced by truffles, but it takes a good nose to discover them. Finding the subterranean delicacies is such a lucrative pastime that people use domesticated pigs, or truffle hogs, to sniff them out and dig them up.

That's some real olfactory prowess, Hoss. As a dedicated sniffer of stanky pot, I could only hope to reach truffle-hog status. But after blindly choosing White Truffle at not one, but two dispensaries this week, I'm starting to think I have a chance.

White Truffle is a phenotype of Gorilla Butter, which is a hybrid of Peanut Butter Breath and Gorilla Glue. Coveted for an attractive cloak of trichomes and a fancy-schmancy flavor profile, White Truffle could very well be considered an elitist strain. The golf of weed, if you will. And after tasting its onion-like flavor, you might think this nighttime variety isn't for you. Hang in there, though, and you'll discover that White Truffle has an everyman high that pairs well with a beer after work or meat and potatoes for dinner.

Savory strains and extraction potential are becoming increasingly attractive to cannabis breeders, and White Truffle scores high in both categories. Although garlic and onion flavors might not be for everyone, the high is nurturing, strong and manageable, with a heavy side order of the munchies. Even if your smelling abilities aren't the best, you'll be one happy hog after hitting White Truffle.

Looks: White Truffle has average density, but sharp, milky trichomes provide glowing enhancement to buds and leaves of any color. The strain tends to turn purple, with some cuts taking the color of Midnight-flavored Gatorade, and that's when the real visual appeal comes through — especially with those full, wispy calyxes, which look like dollops of grape frozen yogurt.

Smell: Subtle acidic and sweet notes make White Truffle smell like sour candy for a split second, but dry punches of skunk and hash quickly bulldoze any notion of that. The strain smells like a sweet onion for the most part, with nutty, savory aromas hanging around at the end to give White Truffle a buttery back end.

Flavor: In a battle of dry-skunky-earthy and nutty-buttery mouthfeels, the butter wins. White Truffle does an impressive job of covering my cheeks and tongue in an oily smoke, which keeps that sweet onion flavor in my mouth even longer than normal, with skunky and earthy flavors lingering longer.

Effects: Mental relaxation is immediate, and physical relief comes in shortly after. I never get put down straight away, so light activity or chores are definitely doable for a couple of hours, but you'll be moving a few steps slower, and the comedown is inevitable. This is a good post-workout and evening strain, and a perfect fit for a hangover. You'll stay awake just long enough to wolf down takeout.

Where to find it: We've sniffed out various forms of White Truffle at A Cut Above, Ajoya, Alternative Medicine on Capitol Hill, Bonfire Cannabis, Callie's Cannabis Shoppe, Colorado Harvest Co., Cookies, Del Mundo Cannabis, DenCo, the Dispensary Littleton, Frost Exotic, Golden Meds, Green Valley Dispensary, Harvest House, the Herbal Center, High West Cannabis, House of Dankness, Karing Kind, Little Brown House, Lova, Mammoth Farms, Mighty Tree, Mile High Dispensary, Mountain Medicinals Wellness Center, Nature's Kiss, Police & Thieves, Social Cannabis, Strawberry Fields and Twin Peaks, but more stores likely carry it.

Clearwater Genetics, Fuego Farms, Host Cannabis Co., Loyalty Farms, Malek's Premium Cannabis, Mighty Tree and Outlaw all have takes on White Truffle, with DenCo, High West, Mighty Tree and Strawberry Fields selling in-house cuts, too. Extractors Billo, Dadirri, First Matter, Mile High Dabs and Shift produce different types of White Truffle hash and cannabis oil, as well, and Dialed In makes gummies infused with White Truffle rosin.

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