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Reader: "Rocky Mountain High" Is the Best Colorado Song

Reader: "Rocky Mountain High" Is the Best Colorado Song (2)

Last weekend, as Colorado was glowing golden and the evening air turned crisp, we reposted  "The Ten Best Songs About Colorado," a list we compiled as the pandemic was shutting down the state and we wanted to share memories about what we were missing.

But some of our memories clashed with others. And in their comments on the Westword Facebook post of the story, many readers were singing a different tune...particularly about John Denver. But there were other songs among the missing, too. Says Randy:
Good list, but no Chevy Chase "Colorado"? (National Lampoon Lemmings album.) It's not as well-known but just as classic as almost all those...
Adds Jay:
"OD'd in Denver," by Hank Williams Jr.
Adds Ryan:
"Buckskin Stallion Blues" by Townes Van Zandt
Adds Rob:
"Someday Soon," sung by Judy Collins and many others. There's only one Colorado mention, but it's a great song.

Adds Jim:
“Colorado,” by Up With People.
Notes Arielle:
"Denver" by Willie Nelson about says it all.
Steve has plenty of suggestions:
"Colorado" by Cody Jinks, "Colorado" by Danny Holien, "Colorado "by Flying Burrito Brothers, "Rocky Mountain Healin’" by Ray LaMontagne, "Telluride" by Tim McGraw, "Colorado Christmas" by Steve Goodman, "Rain in Durango" by Guy Clark, "Almost Dawn in Denver" by Faron Young, "Guess He’d Rather Be In Colorado" by John Denver.
So does Greg:
Grubstake, "Colorado State Song" (remember when hippies moved to Colorado?); Doug Kershaw, "Colorado" (how cold it can get in Boulder); Dan Fogelberg, "High Country Snows" (no direct Colorado reference but no doubt that's where he means).
Chides Nick:
How are you not going to include "Colorado Bluebird Sky," by String Cheese Incident? They’re literally the best band to come out of Colorado.
Wonders Neil (and many others)
No John Denver? "Rocky Mountain High" is easily the best Colorado song.
And Patsy concludes:
Everyone crying, upset that John Denver isn't on the list. Which is funny to me. All the awesome, lesser known music, which is nice to get some recognition instead of shitty "Rocky Mountain High."
What do you think of "Rocky Mountain High," and John Denver's music in general? What's your favorite Colorado song?
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