Reader: Your Fleetwood Mac Review Might Be the Worst I've Seen

Reader: Your Fleetwood Mac Review Might Be the Worst I've Seen
Kyle Harris
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At the January 31 Fleetwood Mac concert at the Pepsi Center, the entertaining action started long before the music. As Kyle Harris noted, the bickering began in the all-ages crowd waiting outside the venue, and continued inside.

Millennials, Gen-Xers and baby boomers had all bought tickets to see a band that has given the world brilliantly crafted, durable soft-rock soundtracks for breakups, hopes and sorrows for five decades. But the show made clear that fans of the band are just as unpredictable as Fleetwood Mac itself, as some started dancing and others demanded they sit down.

Readers aren't getting along in their comments about Harris's review, either.

Says Scott: 

This is the world we live in now. It could be Slayer or the grocery store. Welcome to 2019.

Adds Dylan:

People barely have any manners in Denver. This isn’t surprising at all.

Notes Dean:

Arena shows rarely attract real music lovers.

Adds Zeus:

 I've had so many people tell me not to dance at a concert here. It's nuts to me.

Says Jennifer: 

I’m forty and I stand and dance at concerts. I’ve been yelled at, too, by people behind me who prefer to sit the whole concert. I agree, if you want to sit then go to a different venue!

Responds Lori:

I don’t care when people stand, it’s a concert after all. But when three millennials jam together to stand in two seat spots, it becomes a wall I can’t see through.

But Lisa thinks Harris might have had his own issues:  

Geez, Kyle. Sounds a bit like you're projecting your own negative energy onto the concert-goers collectively?! It was a great show, there were zero issues in my section. But people in general are getting more selfish and hostile toward each other all over the planet.

Adds Allison: 

Wow, I'm sorry you had such a crappy experience. I was there and my perception of the evening could not be any more different. Everyone I encountered was friendly, happy, and stoked to just be there. I had an amazing time. I took my dad.

Then there's this from Summer: 

I guess I was at a different concert. Everyone I encountered was polite; the people in the spaces around me were considerate and we all sang together. Sounds like you are just grasping, or maybe didn’t want to be there in the first place?

Rinaz has another question: 

Ali Is there a generational version of race-baiting? Because that's what this article is. Lumping people into generational groups and prejudicing them accordingly.

Replies Dana: 

It's called ageism.

Dave suggests:

This might be the worst concert review I’ve ever seen. Focus all your story on six people out of more than 10,000, and not the six people on stage. Horrible.

But Andrew concludes: 

This article deserves a Pulitzer!

Keep reading for more from Kyle Harris.

Reader: Your Fleetwood Mac Review Might Be the Worst I've Seen
Miles Chrisinger

"Metallica Brought a Soundtrack for Totalitarian Violence to Denver. Now What??

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Reader: Your Fleetwood Mac Review Might Be the Worst I've Seen
Kyle Harris

"Fleetwood Mac Brings Out the Worst in Denver at Pepsi Center Show"

Even with all the acting out in the audience, the show ultimately took center stage. Despite five decades of operatic drama, with members sleeping with each other, marrying, divorcing, flaming out, returning and whatnot, the group managed to deliver a solid performance Thursday night.

Still, the show left some questions: Can generations share space without irritating each other? Is it still reasonable to assume you can dance at a rock show? Or should younger crowds sit to appease the flower-power children of the ’60s — a generation that once spat in the face of authority?

What do you think about concert-goer behavior? Kyle Harris's review of Fleetwood Mac? Post a comment or email editorial@westword.com.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.