LaRissa Vienna and the Strange's Haunted Video Premiere

LaRissa Vienna
LaRissa Vienna Enrique Parrilla
When we spoke with LaRissa Vienna back in March, she described the sound of LaRissa Vienna and the Strange as, “kind of eerie, or spooky-sounding. A lot of it is also harder-hitting, so it lands somewhere in that rock spectrum. The violin really brings an extra element in there. I really just call it a rock band — that’s what it is to me.”

At that point, the band had just been included in Music Connection Magazine’s "Top 100 Unsigned Bands in America,” and was all set to headline a prestigious “Girls to the Front” show at the Marquis. Things were set up nicely for the group to quickly rise through the levels of the local scene before making moves outside of it. Vienna isn’t wasting the opportunity. With a full-length album on its way, the outfit has just dropped a stunning video for the song “Haunted.”

The video kicks off with an appropriate quote by the great Jack Kerouac: “If you’re not haunted by something, as by a dream, a vision, or a memory, which are involuntary, you’re not interested or even involved.”

After that, we get a heady combination of performance footage, and scenes of people who are indeed haunted. Not in the paranormal, exorcist-ish way, but psychologically. Hence (we think) the scene with the busty nun, apparently threatening to spank one of the band members. Some things are inarguably haunting.

It’s a great video and song though, and suggests that Vienna is only just getting started. Enjoy:

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