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Reader: After Plague, The Who Felled by Ragweed. Are Locusts and Frogs Next?

Roger Daltrey, felled by ragweed mid-Moving On tour.
Roger Daltrey, felled by ragweed mid-Moving On tour.
You won't be seeing The Who in Denver today. Late last week, the legendary rock band canceled its September 29 gig at the Pepsi Center; the band had already ended its Houston show early and canceled Dallas.

The problem? Roger Daltrey is allergic to ragweed and had lost his voice.

Although they won't be hearing the Who this weekend, music fans still have plenty of opinions on the band, and cancellations in general.

Says Greg:
 [The ragweed] has been bad lately, especially for asthmatics.
Responds Jessica:
 It's  bad, but Roger can't really sing any more, anyway. I LOVE The Who, but I won't go see them because I can't take how bad his voice has gotten. That's what happens when you scream too much for too long. If only I could go back in time and see them in their prime!
Adds Skid: 
Entwhistle was the best of them, anyway.
Asks Todd: 
Comments Farrell: 
They were washed up when I saw them in ’82
Responds Joe: 
Any Who is better than no Who.
And Ed puts it in perspective:  
First the plague, now weed allergies. The next two big shows in Denver are going to be overrun by locusts and frogs. Rock and roll!!!
Over Labor Day Weekend, plague-infested prairie dogs put a damper on the big Phish weekend at Dick's Sporting Goods Park, but the show went on.

That wasn't possible for the Who. On September 27, this announcement appeared on the Who's website: "Unfortunately due to illness, The Who concert in Denver on Sunday, September 29, must be postponed. Fans should hold on to their tickets for the Denver show as they will be honored at the rescheduled date. Please stay tuned for further information."

What do you think of the Who today? Were you planning to see the band? Post a comment or share your thoughts at [email protected]
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