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Reader: Denver Has Gentrified Beyond What's Acceptable

Ziggies issued its last call at the end of October.
Ziggies issued its last call at the end of October. Westword
After more than five decades, Ziggies, Denver's oldest blues bar, closed on October 31, when its lease expired; the building's owner is selling it to a developer. Carla Jordan, who's owned the venue for a decade, hopes to reopen someday, somewhere. "Just remember, keeping music alive is not free and it comes at a cost," she posted in a final Facebook message. "Support musicians, venues, and help to keep the music alive. The last ten-year experience is bittersweet and I cannot begin to explain the vast amount of different emotions I have right now." Fans of Ziggies had no problem spilling out their emotions, though. Says Andrew: 
I met a lot of friends there. Now that Strange Grounds and Ziggies are closed (and for similar reasons), Denver has officially gentrified beyond what is acceptable. I'll be looking to move soon.
Adds Anwar: 
It's when things like this happen that out-of-towners say, "Things change...get over it." But they have no investment or attachment whatsoever to places that defined Denver and made it a cool and unique place to live, places that have been ingrained in the overall makeup of the city. Knowing that another iconic Denver venue is going under as a result of the colonized bastardization of that neighborhood is a real drag. Nothing but ugly houses for ugly people that have no real value to the neighborhood or city besides their money.
Cozmos replies: 
For reals.. I practically grew up in there and know many local musicians who had their first gigs at Ziggies. There are getting to be very few original spots left on the Northside.
But then there's this from Monte: 
Go spend money today at the spaces that, if they closed tomorrow, you would be talking about how sad you are that they're not around anymore.
Where should you be spending money on the Northside? And what other original spots anywhere in Denver are worth saving?
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