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Reader: Republicans, We Told You We Would Vote You Out

Kenzie Bruce
The "blue wave" might not have washed over all the United States, but it certainly flooded Colorado, where Democrats now control the legislature and governor's mansion. Not surprisingly,  the Republican watch party on Election Day, November 6, was anything but festive (and sort of weird), which our dispatch from the evening pointed out.

Undoubtedly still burned by the outcome in 2016, some readers lashed out at the state GOP and commended the Democratic Party for its victories. 

David says:
Joe argues:
Elections have consequences.
But Richard responds:
Time for tax-and-spend Polis.
Gregory asserts:
Time to regroup and dump the Trump. And stop kowtowing to the evangelicals and racists and Nationalists and anti-immigrationists and big oil, and, well, time to change your basic platforms and think about country first instead of party first. 
Drilling down into all the votes, Adrell concludes:
The #WhiteTears here are savory and delicious. And as much as I relish in them, I am reminded that 500,000 Coloradans think prison slavery or slavery of any kind is a-OK. And Coloradans think that drilling for oil near homes and schools won't have an environmental impact. May they be the first affected.
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