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Reader: Walmart Store Greeter Will Be the New Broncos Mascot

Rob Walton, Walmart heir and new owner of the Broncos.
Rob Walton, Walmart heir and new owner of the Broncos.
This week, the Denver Broncos confirmed that Rob Walton is the new owner of the Denver Broncos, thanks to a record-breaking bid of $4.65 billion — by far the most ever for an NFL franchise. But Walton has plenty of money left: Son of Sam Walton, he's an heir to the Walmart fortune, with a net worth estimated at $70 billion, as well as kids in the Denver area and a son-in-law interested in the team, too.

But in their comments on the Westword Facebook account, some fans throw a flag on the play. Says Dorothy:
Maybe pay your workers a decent living wage and start treating them and their families with some respect instead of blowing money on a football team…
Offers Chan:
So they'll have a total of three workers checking tickets, causing hours-long delays getting into the stadium.
Adds Jeff:
Invesco Empower Field at Mile High Walmart has such a nice ring to it.
Suggests Don:
That rollback smile is going to be the new logo! Say goodbye to the Bronco.
Notes  Andy:
Walmart store greeter will be the new mascot.
Says Phillip:
A dude who doesn’t believe in unions is about to buy a professional sports team that is unionized. The irony. I guess unions don’t matter when the people are already rich.
But Paul counters:
Multiple coaches, bad QB choices...and why are you thinking this ownership is a bad thing? This is all good for the team, and as long as he lets George Paton run the football side, we are good.
And Daniel concludes: 
He has $5 bil in his Christmas $ issues..He's the best owner for the Broncos.
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