Reader: Can't Make Dinger Great Again, Because He Never Was!

Dinger apparently loves Governor Jared Polis. But does Colorado love Dinger?
Dinger apparently loves Governor Jared Polis. But does Colorado love Dinger?
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Is it time to ditch Dinger? The Barney wannabe somehow survived the first All-Star Game in Denver back in 1998, just a few years after he was hatched out of a dinosaur egg during the construction of Coors Field.

Now, 21 years later, Dinger is still hanging around. "I’m a Dinger fan. I think it’s an exciting tie-in to the historic nature of the dinosaur bones that were found near home plate. I think it’s a good mascot," Governor Jared Polis said during the April 6 press conference at which he and Mayor Michael Hancock celebrated the All-Star Game coming to Denver. "Those who are Dinger naysayers out there, look around at all the other mascots. I used to go to Nationals games when I was in D.C., and watching those three crazy presidents' heads run around is pretty silly. Every game, Jefferson, Washington and — I can’t even remember the third — they have some race, and they can barely balance with their huge heads. I’ll take a purple dinosaur any day over three presidents making fools out of themselves."

How about you? Is Dinger the mascot we want the world to see during Denver's second All-Star Game come July? In comments posted on the Westword Facebook post about the All-Star Game coming to Colorado, readers take some swings at Dinger...and the Rockies ownership. Says Alexander:

 Dinger is objectively the worst mascot in all of pro sports! Back to the drawing board, Rox.

Adds Frank:

But it's not Dinger's fault. The name is stupid. The costume is stupid. Dinger need to be put out to pasture. New mascot needed pronto.

Responds Zach:

Dinger is the absolute best mascot, and you can't convince me otherwise. No one has a good reason for their hate. What better origin story than finding a triceratops skull right where home base would soon be? #DingerPride
Don't bash the mascot, bash the person bringing life to it. I agree the owners don't do hardly anything...but that could easily be changed if the Rockies organization cared about anything.

Counters Ben: 

He has cursed the Rockies for years. Time to make him extinct as a dinosaur should be once and for all. I think the vibes for this team after that could be immaculate.

Suggests Kevin:

Even my kids think he's too cartoon, make him a little more dinosaur; kids would love that here.

Adds Michael: 

Nothing some good ol' fat-shaming couldn't cure.

Replies Andrew:

Can’t make Dinger great again, because Dinger was never great before!

Notes Jimmy:

Best mascot of all the minor-league teams.

Responds Fred: 

Can Rocky pitch-hit? He's a major player.

And Chris concludes:

Westword doesn’t have the cred to talk about Dinger.

Oh, we're pretty sure we have the cred to talk about Dinger...and so does everyone else who's ever watched a Colorado Rockies game.

What do you think about Dinger? Do you think this town's baseball team needs a new mascot? Maybe an all-star like Rocky? Post a comment or share your thoughts at editorial@westword.com.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.


Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.