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Reader: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Will Have a Field Day With Lauren Boebert

Lauren Boebert on the campaign stump for the 3rd Congressional District seat.
Lauren Boebert on the campaign stump for the 3rd Congressional District seat. Courtesy of Lauren Boebert
Lauren Boebert, representative-elect for Colorado's 3rd Congressional District, wants to be able to carry her Glock at the U.S. Capitol. She's already taking aim at some of the politicians she'll join there, and Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is one of her favorite targets. “I’m absolutely running against her,” Boebert told 9News during her campaign. “I am ready to be the one that steps up for conservative values and takes on AOC.”

As recently as November 28, Boebert fired off a tweet asking if Time meant to consider AOC for "Communist of the Year" rather than Person of the Year.

So far, Ocasio-Cortez has not responded to any of Boebert's barbs. But in Westword Facebook comments regarding our story comparing (and definitely contrasting) Boebert and AOC, plenty of readers have been willing to discuss the representative-elect — and the representative she's been taking on. Says Ray:
It is disappointing that the 3rd (my district) again decided to elect someone who has minority party status. In other words, once again the 3rd is not going to get any clout. Boebert never had any goals for the 3rd, anyway. It's a lose-lose for our district.
Adds Crystal:
What is really concerning is the quality of people in the district who voted for this uneducated, crazy person to go to Congress. This is the best they've got? That is pretty sad. She is an embarrassment, if you ask me.
Comments Aldo:
I love AOC. She’s gonna have a field day with this redneck-hillbilly-gun nut. Just a matter of time before an accident happens at her restaurant with everyone holding guns.
Responds Steve:
One of them is a responsible gun owner, mother and business owner. One of them has never signed the front of a check, is a communist, disrespects the American Flag, and makes hilarious claims about the environment.
Counters Kurt:
AOC is going to eat this woman for lunch. Will be fun to watch AOC educate her on politics.
Replies Jacquelyn:
AOC is a robot without a single original thought.
Says Jay:
I love how conservatives think AOC is this all-powerful evil person who's coming to take everything away from them.
But then there's this from Kaitlin:
This is the dumbest fucking article, Westword. Honestly, you're comparing two female politicians simply because they are young women? They couldn't be more different. Also, your comparisons are only of their "style" and education. Write some real articles of substance, and not this bullshit clickbait that doesn't even matter in the slightest. You're paper isn't even newsworthy! Stick to covering artists and local bullshit news that no one cares about.
There are many reasons beyond age and gender — and "style" and education, for that matter — to compare the two. Boeber continues to target AOC in tweets, and from the start, she said she was "running against" AOC.

And what will happen when Boebert actually runs into AOC in the halls of Congress? Well, that could be reason for another "local bullshit news" story.

In the meantime, what do you think of Boebert? What's happening in the 3rd Congressional District? Post a comment or share your thoughts at
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