Marijuana Strain Review: Ogre Kush at Advanced Medical Alternatives

Any dispensary that has been open longer than two years in Denver is, by default, a grizzled vet in the Mile High pot scene. At the very least, these shops deserve respect for managing to follow regulations and stay alive as others failed.

Advanced Medical Alternatives, open since 2009 at 1269 Elati Street, must be doing something right, I thought, so I stopped by on a recent afternoon, eager for an indica to help me catch up on sleep after a long Halloween weekend.

First-time customers at AMA can enter their phone numbers into a sales-alert system for a $5 discount, so I punched in my digits and went inside the cozy, dual-use bud room with my decision already half made. Not wasting any time, I quickly narrowed my posible choice to two very qualified candidates: Bubba OG, the indica-dominant equivalent of Jay Z and Beyoncé’s child; and Ogre Kush, a fruity strain with some iconic genetics of its own. Watching Shrek stoned on some Ogre sounded like a great way to fall asleep and kick-start an interesting dream, so I bought a half-eighth for $18 with the discount.

Ogre Kush hails from Bubba and Master Kush genetics — the makings of one hard-hitting indica. Popping open the bottle was like cracking a new box of Froot Loops: Sweet, fruity smells crept up my nostrils. The candy and coffee aromas of the Master and Bubba Kush parents came together beautifully in this one, and breaking up each dense, lime-green bud only intensified the odor. A few sniffs of my sticky fingers, covered in milky trichomes, put me over the edge. Too impatient to wait for my vaporizer to heat up, I packed a couple of bowls and indulged.

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Even through my dirty pipe, each pull was smooth and tasted like I was inhaling some Berry Creme Savers. The expected fruitiness showed up, and an earthy aftertaste on the sides of my tongue offered a welcome complement. Tasting it out of the Volcano was still my goal, but the heavy indica had already done its work. I barely had enough energy to bootleg Shrek on my laptop before I was sprawled out on my bed, dreaming of saving a very distressed Cameron Diaz from John Lithgow as my pal Eddie Murphy provided comic relief. Or maybe I was just too high to lift my eyes while the movie played in the background.

Either way...in the morning, I was makin’ waffles.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.