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Reader: We Need More Patriots Like Marty Coniglio

You can take that pin off Marty Coniglio's lapel.
You can take that pin off Marty Coniglio's lapel. 9News
In July, as federal troops were confronting demonstrators in Portland, Oregon, longtime 9News meteorologist Marty Coniglio tweeted a photo that compared the action to Nazi Germany. A fixture on the channel's popular morning show, he was off the air the next day...for good.

This week, Coniglio explained why he did what he did in a column for Westword, which starts with this: "Better to be a good American than a good employee. Distilled to its most elemental expression, that is the reason why I blew up a 35-year career in broadcast media to add my voice to the alarms sounding about the current state of our Republic."

You can read Marty Coniglio's complete piece here (and see the tweet below). Thousands of people did, and posted more than a hundred comments on the Westword Facebook page, most applauding the longtime TV personality and wishing him the best. Says Al:
"Better to be a good American than a good employee." Good for you!
Responds Tonie:
Bravo, Marty! We need more patriots like you.
Responds Leba:
Beautifully put. I wish Mr Coniglio the best. And may he continue to be a good American.
Adds Scott:
There are many more people who agree and applaud your resolve to fight for America. Stating the obvious — even if the cowardly 9News corporation doesn't approve — was the right thing to do. Have some consolation in the fact that you were right. Trump did damage our great nation.
Comments Derek:
Well done, Marty. The notion that federal property is more sacred than the principles our country was founded upon is an outrageous lie. It and all other forms of tyranny should be exposed, named and rejected. The pursuit of liberty and justice will always trump slavish adherence to the "rule of law."
But Gene suggests:
The audacity to equate federal officers defending federal and private property to the Nazi expansion and Holocaust is the worst and most inappropriate opinion I've seen from a journalist. Westword should be ashamed giving you the time and space to voice such an arrogant and misinterpreted narrative.
Dave counters: 
Compelled how this Tweet, which we were all viewing and feeling this injustice in Portland, could cause such chaos, especially in a news organization. So, this was the tweet. Calling it...BFD.

Nice write-up, Marty, and proud of Westword's coverage on a favorite face in Colorado! Write more!

Be That Better Human! 
Here's the tweet that cost Coniglio his job.
Marty Coniglio
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