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Reader: Anything Would Be Better Than the Denver Airport's Old Security Screening

But be prepared: The DIA trains will be down for six nights this week.
The new screening system.
The new screening system. Catherine Calhoun
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On February 6, the new West Security facility officially opened at Denver International Airport. Our reporter went through the day before during the soft opening, and says that she really flew through. "It was certainly a far cry from my many previous experiences with DIA security, where I’ve collectively spent hours of my life shuffling through a squalid maze of dispirited travelers," she shared.

But in comments on the Westword Facebook page post of our DIA security story, reviews are mixed. Says Lori: 
My husband says it's legit, a game-changer and the best experience he's had at DIA in twelve years.
Reports Ronda:
 Went through yesterday. It wasn't quicker at all, and one line had to shut down due to bags being caught inside the new, fancy machine.
Adds Tom: 
The new scanning machines are slow as dirt.
Responds Tracy: 
Anything would be better than DIA's old security screening system.
Notes Wendi:
Wasn’t anyone when we went through on Wednesday morning. It took longer to walk over to the entrance. Will have to start parking in the West garage.
Counters Dave: 
Went through the new West TSA PreCheck this morning. Took forty minutes. Not impressed at all.
And Kelsey advises:
Walk to the bridge, I've walked right up with no one there, literally less than a minute. Took longer to get my shoes off, and then the most it's ever taken is like 25 minutes. Plus, you get some exercise.
An added bonus of using the bridge (as long as your plane is leaving from the A concourse): You don't need to take the trains, which will be down for six nights starting Tuesday while adjustments are made in order to accommodate new cars coming this summer.

Have you gone through the new security system? What did you think? What other upgrades would you like to see at Denver International Airport? Post a comment or share your thoughts at [email protected].
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