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Reader: Radio? I'd Rather Listen to Nothing

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Despite technological changes that have revolutionized communication over recent decades, traditional radio remains a going concern in metro Denver, the country's eighteenth-largest market.

Michael Roberts did a deep dive into the latest report from industry leader Nielsen, and found that a relative handful of stations owned by media conglomerates dominate the scene, leaving most other signals to scramble for the scraps.

In their comments on the Westword Facebook post of the piece, readers are willing to fight over those scraps...and the state of radio in general. Says Ben:
Terrestrial radio still exists?? Who still listens to McDonald's commercials all day?
Responds Greg:
And idiots arguing on talk radio all day.
Adds Brandy:
I tuned out on all of them...babbling idiots.
Offers Jake:
Radio? I'd rather listen to nothing. Bluetooth what you actually want to listen to or bust.
Notes Greg:
I still listen, but so much of commercial radio has become trashed corporate junk, run by automation systems (they have fired so many DJ talent) and with heavy commercial loads that encourage folks to tune out and never come back. Anymore, most of the innovation and creativity is on the non-commercial signals. Here in Denver, we are fortunate to have public stations that are committed to localism: CPR news, classical and alternative; KUVO jazz and The Drop hip-hop; KUNC news/talk; The Colorado Sound, alternative rock; KGNU Boulder, variety; Denver Open Media radio, local bands.
Responds Spencer:
Hard to believe that the Colorado Sound’s ratings are that bad…
Offers Rachel:
101.5 is the best station out there. Then 105.1 a close second.
Suggests  Brendan
KBPI has suffered ever since they moved up to 107.9. I miss the old KAZY and KBPI days.
Adds Adj:
It boggles my mind that people would listen to commercial-filled radio like KTCL when Indie 102.3 is right there.
Do you still listen to the radio? What stations are your favorites? Post a comment or share your thoughts at [email protected]
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