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Reader: City of Denver, I Call Foul on the Storage System for Homeless Possessions

The possessions collected in the homeless sweeps occurring around Denver are currently locked up in a building at 1211 Glenarm Street. Chris Walker recently visited the place, and found that only one person has retrieved possessions so far — but there are reasons for that, as readers were quick to point out. Says Tarasa: 
The reason they aren't picking it up is because they aren't allowed to pick the stuff up unless they have somewhere to take it.. Plus the place is only open from 12 to 2 and that is the exact hours of lunch line up. If they want to eat that day they can not leave the line.
Adds Lydia: 
Since the city gave plenty of "fair" warning, okay, fair enough. One would think that the educated policy makers behind this antihuman movement would have taken the time to devise a goodwill/dignified manner in which to collect people's possessions. The need to itemize a list is bullshit. The fact that they have identification items of individuals shows malice on the makers' side. It's a very negative motion made by the city. Bagging and tagging so one can claim their shit is simple as can be. City of Denver, I call foul. 
Concludes Aaron:  
Man, it's like someone forgot these are people are something.
What do you think of how the sweeps were handled? The storage situation?
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