Reader: Colorado Virtual Academy report shouldn't be used to restrict school choice

Melanie Asmar's post about reported low wages and overwhelming workload at Colorado Virtual Academy inspired a number of readers to share positive comments about online education in general. Here's one example from a reader who sees such institutions as giving parents more educational options.

SchoolChoiceParent writes:

Another story missing a key component of this issue...the STUDENTS and their families. I have been a cyberschool parent for the past 7 years...we continue because we see results. Cyberschooling isn't the easy way out...it takes hard work ...and dedication on the part of the teachers, parents, and students. And considering that this model is basically in it's infancy, it's unfair to judge it when it's working within a system of policy and legislation that is geared towards a traditional model. This may look like an attack on online education's finances and accountablity, but what it really is is an attack on school choice. I am all for accountability, but we can twist and turn data on all schools to make a point, but what is this doing to advance education? Colorado...we are at a turning point here...we can encourage innovation and reform and put best practices into place for ALL public schools or we can continue to spin our wheels and see the further decline or our schools.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.