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Reader: CSU prof Catherine Keske being jailed in child dispute is waste of taxpayer money

Alan Prendergast's post on CSU professor Catherine Keske, who was jailed for contempt after her ex-husband complained about access to their son's e-mail account -- and is now headed back to jail -- attracted plenty of fiery commentary. Here, one reader expresses shock at resources being wasted on this punishment.

Concerned Taxpayer and Parent writes:

What kind of family law attorney, or for that matter, family law firm or father would advocate that a custodial parent be jailed for 90 days? Did the order allow for work release? What kind of magistrate or judge would see that as being in a child or children's best interest, or a family's best interest emotionally or economically?

And how much is the jailing of a parent and the court time to address the types of matters for the circumstances listed above costing us as tax payers? Maybe someone from Jefferson County can share that information with us.

This is certainly an area Governor Hickenlooper could look into as a way of saving tax payer dollars. How many tax payer dollars have been spent to support attorneys and firms like the one mentioned above as well as the CFI's who were basically unmonitored for years? And have failed to demonstrate their effectiveness. THREE CFI's and the case has come down to a Magistrate who wants to jail a custodial parent for 90 days.

Do Jefferson County Courts need an overhaul? Is there a little too much codepenence among family law attorney's, CFI's and judges and magistrates? And is this codependence placing an undue burden on the taxpayers of Colorado as well as families?

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