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Kyle Harris

Reader: Denver Police Were Great at the Protest — Some Gave High Fives!

While violence broke out in other cities during demonstrations against the election of Donald Trump, thousands of people came together in Denver on November 10 in a peaceful yet powerful protest. Despite the brief blockage of I-25, there were no arrests, and some protesters praised the Denver Police Department officers for their work. Says Julia:

Also a part of it and would like to thank the DPD for their very diplomatic handling of the situation. I actually felt more protected by them than controlled. The DPD did an excellent job ensuring the safety of all citizens and our right to assemble.

Adds Melanie:

I was part of this protest (though since I had to work the next morning we went home before the column made it to the highway). The pictures show cops in riot gear/holding batons but it was just a precaution. It's possible some people got a bit rowdy (and, btw, peaceful protests aren't supposed to block roads; when we were on the 16th Street Mall, the crowd would stop to let cross traffic through). DPD was great. Some of the police officers were giving us high fives.

But then there's this from Joe:

Pathetic millennials crying it didn't go their way. Same "Racism" nonsense, as that's all they have. (Don't like something? Say it's racist.) Smoke some weed and go to bed kids. You lost and thanks for that.

Were you part of the protest? What did you see?

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