Is this Jefferson Park development fugly enough for you?
Is this Jefferson Park development fugly enough for you?
Brad Evans

Reader: Forget "Fugly" — Denver Is a Melting Pot, Deal With It!

Denver Fugly has really taken off — like the city's booming development that inspired the new Denver Fugly Facebook page from Brad Evans, founder of the Denver Cruisers, who's now turned his eye to some of the more "fugly" projects around town. Or are they? Dozens of people have posted their opinions of Denver Fugly, including this from Andrew:

This is hilarious. Denver is a melting pot, deal with it. I wonder if people in the 1950's thought the same thing when they built the mid-century ranch across the street from my 1920's bungalow?! Styles change, and gladly so. Sure some are timeless, but many are not. You can entertain on your back patio, I'll take one of these "modern" things with the roof top deck feature!

Responds Edward:

Have a look on the North Side, hoss, they can't tear down 100-year-old brick homes fast enough to erect that cheap bullshit. It's fucking terrible to see what's happening to the neighborhood around here.

Adds Justine: 

Since when are we intolerant of diversity in Denver? I think they make the neighborhood more interesting to look at.

What do you think of the new building projects in Denver? And what do you think of Denver Fugly?

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