Reader: Getting an MMJ card = killer weed and super-low prices

William Breathes's post about rising medical marijuana patient numbers considered the question of whether the upward trend was being driven in part by high taxes on recreational pot. The answer from plenty of our readers was a resounding "yes." Take this post from a self-described "old reefer man."

jonstark writes:

I moved to Colorado Springs in late February. The medical shops are everywhere -- rec shops have been outlawed. I'd have to drive to Pueblo to get retail.I had been spoiled with the rec shops in Denver since the grand opening and my return to an old pastime. I needed a red card for the privilege to shop around here. This certificate allows me to get killer weed just around the corner and on every other corner in this town. Super low prices and more choices than I could have every dreamed of in the 30+ years that I have been smoking the reefer. I was pleased with the fact that it was super hassle free. Just see a weed doctor once a year and deal with some paperwork. The doc had no trouble convincing me of the benefits of weed. Plus, these stores treat you like a motherfucking king and they provide quality dope to an old reefer man with a smile.

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